Friday, December 21, 2012

Thursday recap

Oh baby was yesterday a good workout day.

First let me start with my breakfast lunch new routine.

And let me add that I am a multiple time a day scale user.

Normally when I have my heaviest meal at lunch, before I go to the gym I am normally a two to three pounds heavier than I am in the morning. Then by the time I get home from the gym I am about at the weight I was in the morning.

Yesterday I was only 1 lb heavier than I was in the morning which means that my body is burning the morning fuel better and more efficiently when my heaviest meal is in the morning. So I am going to keep doing that.

For breakfast I had an english muffin with peanut butter, 2 hard boiled eggs and some roast beef. (Same as today)

Lunch- scallions and celery and hummus

Dinner- string cheese and part of my Larabar, a piece of bacon turkey and a small glass of orange juice

Gym last night was 3.3 miles of walking to get a lower heart rate to burn fat. That and I didnt want to kill my legs before RPM. Then RPM class. I was DRIPPING with sweat from that!! I ended up burning 958 calories last night.

And I woke up 167.0!! One pound lost and a new low for me!

AND Eric is going to use my pictures in his portfolio. LOVE IT! I told him I plan on putting a new side by side picture every month.

And I am going to get 48 more sessions with Eric which is 6 months. He said with the results I got from month 1, I will have a rocking body by June!! Cant wait!

Ok so today is Friday. Which means leaving for the gym at 4:30 and running for a half hour. Then ZUMBA!!

K is coming over tonight and she is working on some Christmas Present projects. I am finishing one of my Christmas projects up too. I cant say what it is right now because the person who it is for reads this blog...well sometimes.

And I think Penni is coming over too. I am doing her a favor today and posing (for pictures) as a crazy lady for a satire for an online newspaper that she is writing for. It is about a woman who spent all of her money on canned goods in preparation for doomsday (today) and because the world didnt end, she is making a canned food store in her front yard. LOL. So I am gonna throw my hair up in curlers, put on a poofy long jacket, get some crazy makeup going...LOL. AND I think she is going to use me as different people in all her writing. LOL. I will be sure to post the article link when she does it. She is an awesome writer!!

So tonight is gals night at the house and Aaron is going to trivia. I will have some food out but I probably wont eat much as my hands will be really messy. I might splurge with a glass of wine though. We shall see.

So that is the news for now. I am off to run errands. Have a great Friday everyone! Stay strong over the holidays!

Tip of the Day: Thought this would be good to post again with cold/flu in high gear!!

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