Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holding Strong!

Yesterday was a great day- well besides the pink eye thing.

I got to the gym last night and got my 4 miles in before working with Eric. Then we worked on triceps, chest and abs. Some of the things he had me do was declined bench press, push ups using a machine (quite interesting), a big balance ball to lay my back on and do chest presses with a weight, walking planks while my feet were on frisbee type things, and sit ups. I am sure I am forgetting more.

For the first time, I couldnt complete some exercises. My right shoulder when I was doing chest stuff is far inferior to my left so as we added weight, my right hand side couldnt keep up and that side was continually lower than my left. A couple times Eric had to adjust my weight so I didnt drop the weight and smash my face. LOL.

Honestly, it made me feel really weak. Knowing that for the first time, I couldnt live up to the challenge. BUT I know that it is a starting point and we will keep working on it to strengthen my shoulder. I really want to try to avoid a rotator cuff replacement by strengthening the muscles around it.

After we were done, I got in another 1.5 miles on the treadmill just walking. I made sure to stretch out my arms and shoulders while walking too. I ended up burning 969 calories.

Also Eric and I talked about my diet and what I eat. He asked what my biggest meal of the day was. I told him what I typically eat at lunch and that that is my biggest meal. That I really dont eat much at dinner because I am just not hungry after the gym and that I start the day with a smoothie.

Nope. He recommends that I have my biggest meal at breakfast. That I need to swap breakfast and lunch.

It gives the body all day to burn off the big meal rather than about half a day. Makes sense to me.

So today for breakfast I had 2 hard boiled eggs, an english muffin with natural peanut butter and some roast beef.

Lunch will be scallions and celery with some hummus.

Dinner will be my other half of Larabar from last night and a cheese stick.

I am still documenting what I eat in MyFitnessPal. If you use that app, my user name is fsugoddess. Let me know that you know me from my blog and I will friend you.

Today I am holding steady at 168.0. I would LOVE to lose some weight today and be down a bit more tomorrow so I have a Christmas buffer. LOL. Especially because I wont be working out with Eric until next Wed. I will be on my own from Saturday until Wed. A bit scary!!

Tonight is running and then RPM. It is my late night at the gym.

Originally today I was going to take the kids to the movie after school to see Mosters Inc with my friend Penni and her two kids, but dont you know that Landry woke up with pink eye today too. So he had to stay home from school and we decided to try for the movie next week. I guess it works out better this way because originally I was going to have to rush from the movie to get the kids home to get back out to the gym in time for class.

Penni was even wonderful and dropped all the teacher gifts at school for me. She is so sweet.

Now, just in case you didnt click over to see my side by side results for the month, I will post them below. It looks like my arms are a bit smaller. Where you can tell the biggest difference is in my side shot. Tummy area says it all!

The good news is that the gym is offering an end of the year special of 10% off personal training packages. I plan on taking advantage. I am hoping to get the 45 session package. If I do that, and we meet 8 times a month (2x a week) that should get me about 5 1/2 months with Eric. I think I could get some MAJOR transformation in that time. I just need the gym to work with me to get the monthly payments to what I was paying before. We shall see what they can do.

That is my news for now. Have a great Thursday everyone...and stay healthy! Everything is going around right now. Strep, croop, pink eye, is crazy!

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  1. The change in your tummy in any of the pictures is amazing!!! Great work! I'm lindak71 on MFP!

    1. thanks! Amazing because my abs never really hurt from the workouts. Guess it is working anyways!

  2. You are really toning up! The side-by-side comparison is astounding. good for you!

    My largest meal of the day is normally lunch too but second largest is breakfast. I like the idea of mixing it up that you are doing! Good luck with everything.