Monday, December 10, 2012

A new milestone and Motivational Monday

Ahhhh... a nice weekend.

After Saturday, Sunday was a nice relaxing day.

I took Xavier and returned his Lego Star Wars kit he got for Christmas over the weekend because he already had 2 of the same kit. LOL. So we got him a new one and by the time we got home, it was time for lunch for them and then nap.

Aaron and I never did nap but it was just a nice rest.

Then I took him and the kids over to Aaron's grandmas house for dinner and I headed to the gym. I had a few minutes before the last class let out so I did some ab work.

Then Maggie and I worked on our different routines for just over an hour. We had a great calorie burn at that point and it didnt feel like exercise at all. The cleaning guy kept coming into the room like "hint, hint" BUT it is our gym...we pay for we had the right to use it as long as we wanted. We ended up working in the room until just after 5. After that, Maggie left and I decided that I wanted to walk on the treadmill for a while to try to burn off the 1.5 lbs I gained the day before. So I ended up getting in 2.5 miles before the gym closed at 6.

And I burned 994 calories.

Then I went back to get the boys and they were frosting sugar cookies. Fun! Well my little elf helpers left their grandma in a pinch so my FIL and I started frosting them. My MIL had to make 14 plates of cookies with 8 on each plate for her cookie exchange and then for the family they adopted thru the hospital.

After that, the remaining cookies were devided between our house, Aaron's grandma's house, and Aarons brother.

I did really good. I didnt eat a cookie or lick any frosting. I did however sneak some of the frosting and sprinkles that spilled onto the table to the dog. LOL.

About 7:30 we loaded up and headed home. I was energized from working out and Aaron was exhausted from a Tylenol PM he took. So he went to bed right after we got the kids to bed. And he was OUT. When I went to bed at 10, he didnt move.

So here is what I ate yesterday.

Breakfast- red grapes, caffeine free frosted sugar cookie hot tea

Lunch- roast beef, celery, apple with peanut butter, and some garlic hummus.

Dinner- cheese stick.

And lots of water and tea.

Doesnt seem like much but I really was still full from the night before. LOL.

This morning I weighed in at 169.0!!! Wahoo! Out of the 170's!

Tonight is working out with Eric- legs. And I am going to run/walk before hand. Hopefully get in 4 miles.
I WANT these arms!!
I am completely re-energized after getting out of the 170's. Hopefully I can keep it up because 169 is too close to 170 for me to be comfortable. LOL. is my meal plan for today.

Breakfast- smoothie w/ half a banana
Lunch- tuna with onions, celery and fat free mayo, apple with peanut butter
Dinner- Cherry Pie Larabar (3/4 before working out, the other 1/4 on the way home) and probably just a cheese stick. I cant eat much after working out.

This will all be coupled with lots of water and my caffeine free tea.

So what motivates you? Is it a non-scale victory (NSV)? Do you have a goal in mind? Do you give yourself a target and then reward yourself when you meet it? Do you keep pictures (like the ones above) to motivate you?

I am thinking that if I can get down....wait...not IF, WHEN I get down to 164 which means 10 lbs to go, I am going to go out and buy a BOSU ball for the house. That is the name of the half ball/platform thing that I have been using at the gym. I would definitely use it at home and I think Aaron would too. They are about $100 each so they are a little pricey which is why I want to give myself a goal to work towards.

Another thing I would love is a set of 35 and 40 lb kettlebells for the house....or maybe one of each. Those are a new fav too. That would be maybe towards the spring. I dont want to get a set too early then outgrow them. I will be keeping an eye out on Craigslist for deals.

And I think I already said that when I get to my goal of 154 lbs I would buy myself a pair of Silver Jeans from the Buckle.

Eric says that not only am I going to meet my goal, but I am going to surpass my expectations. I am about ready to sell my soul to keep working out with him. LOL. It isnt that I like working out with him because I need him to motivate me, it is because he changes up the workout, makes it fun, believes in me, and pushes me WAY farther than I would have ever pushed myself. Part of that is because he is there to spot me too. LOL. that is my news for now. I am going to update my weigh in page now. I LOVE seeing the numbers go down, down, down!

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  1. I don't know what motivates me. It's a huge combination of things that I fall back on when I get zapped. I think it's a combination of vanity and health reasons!

    That's a wonderful calorie burn and great job tracking food intake!

  2. I don't know how you get so much done on what you eat! I would pass out!

    Wearing a smaller size motivates me. The scale is the devil! LOL

    1. Ha. It is funny...before the Healthe Trim I would eat a lot more. Maybe it is because I am tracking, maybe it is from the Healthe Trim but I really just dont want the crap food anymore. The Healthe Trim definitely helps curb the appetite. If I get hungry, then I eat. :)

  3. You are definitely going to surpass your goal! I know you and know you can do it! xoxo