Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Monday, Tuesday recaps

Good Wednesday everyone!

I want to give my recap over the past couple days because so much has happened fitness wise.

Monday night was my night with Eric. We were working on legs. Well first I got in 2.9 miles on the treadmill at 5.0 mph. Then I started with Eric. We were working on the leg press machine where I sit and my legs are above me. You release the stop and press your legs in. Well...we did those one leg at a time. And then we did calf raises on it.

Then he brought out the sandbag and we went to the treadmill. OMG.... We put the sandbag on my left shoulder and he started the treadmill up to 2.0 mph. Remember- this is a 50 lb sandbag we are talking about. And then he upped the incline to almost a 45 degree angle. I am sure I am exaggerating some but it was at least 30% incline. No exaggeration there. He had me walk like that for 90 seconds. The LONGEST 90 seconds of my LIFE!!

Then we went back to the leg press and started all over again with the circuit and this time switched the sandbag to my right shoulder.

Again went back, completed the press circuit (each time adding weight) and back again to the treadmill. This time he put it back on my left and upped the incline even higher!! OMG.

After that we went to the upper portion of the gym and did some leg kickbacks. A machine that sets you up to basically do a donkey kick. I did a measily 100 lbs each leg on it. LOL. I was dripping with sweat. So much so that Eric had to get a towel to wipe down the machine. LOL. Talk about detoxifying from the weekend!

Then we went on to do some core work. He had me doing planks and then while in plank extend your right hand and left leg out to the side then bring them back in and switch. 45 seconds of doing that. Then he had me go over to an ab thing where you are suspended in the air, arms bent at 90 degrees and you try to lift your legs. I couldnt do that because it puts too much pressure on my shoulder. It hurt. So instead we had me hang from the highest bar like if I was going to do a pull up, and pull my legs up. Then back and forth between that and the plank. I think after the second round I told him that the carpet we were on left something to be desired on the forearms. I stood up and stretched and he said holy cow (or something like that). I looked at my arms and my forearms were raw and bleeding. LOL. After that he got me towels to rest on but every time I moved an arm out the towel would move and stick to my arm. LOL.

Can you see the rugburn on them? This is after the bleeding stopped. Poor Eric. I think he felt guilty. But no pain, no gain, right?

After I was done, I went back and walked on the treadmill for a while. I got in another 1.67 miles or so before I called it quits. I ended up burning 956 calories Monday night.

Tuesday morning my arms were sore- not from the rugburn, but from hefting the sandbag.

And I weighed back in at 169.0!! Way better than what I was Monday morning at 171.0.

Then after I dropped the kids off at school on Tuesday I went running my errands. First to TJ Maxx because my mom was looking for these stylus's for ipad/iphone. Their store only had two of them for $12.99 and my moms boss gave hers to someone else thinking my mom could get more. WELL their store was out and online had them for $20! So I ran there and sure enough they had 11 of them. So my moms boss had me get them all.

Then I wanted to go to Halmark to get ornaments for friends and teachers but they werent open yet so I thought I would go to Meijer to get gold bells for Xavier's class for Thursday. They are going to shake them during the reading of the Polar Express.

Well Meijer didnt have them and they no longer have a craft department. So I had to drive 15 minutes into town to go to Joann's. Nope. No luck. Then I ran to Target. Nope. Not there either. Not even on a garland or something I could deconstruct. At this point I was starting to get desperate. I called Party City and asked. Nope. So I ran across the street to a different Meijer. In their decoration department I found a big container of jingle bells but they were silver, green and red. I hung onto it because I thought that some sort of jingle bell would be better than nothing at this point. Then I checked out their craft department (this store actually had one) and sure enough! There were the gold bells I was looking for. So I grabbed two bags of them (different sizes) and I figured the teacher can use them how she wants to and save the rest for another time.

Seriously I should have worn my heart rate monitor. I was flying thru the stores in case I had to make another stop.

And because I went out right after dropping the kids, I never had time for my smoothie. Thankfully I had a Caramel Apple Pop (sucker) in my car and ate that while I was running around.

After that it was to Halmark to look for ornaments for a couple of my friends and the boys teachers. Whew! What a morning!

Then Tuesday evening I did 90 minutes of Zumba. I was really excited because I got my double set of cd/dvd in the mail for this month from ZIN. I was really disappointed though. The music wasnt really high tempo and my heart rate barely got above 130.

I ended up turning it off about 40 minutes in and putting in my Zumba Cardio Party instead. Now one thing I noticed is that my heart rate with the Cardio Party doesnt go above 145 anymore. It used to go above 160. That means I am getting stronger and fitter and will need to be upping my game. In 90 minutes, I only burned 589 calories.

Regardless of that, I still woke up this morning weighing 168.0. I lost a pound and am back down to my low.

Woo hoo!

Tonight is running and working triceps, chest and core with Eric.

I am kinda bummed though. Xavier woke up with a slight case of pink eye this morning. Which means no school. Which means that he may miss out on making a gingerbread house tomorrow and the Polar Express Friday.

Here is a home remedy I am doing right now while I am waiting to hear from the dr office...wash your eyes with baby wash. For whatever reason that is supposed to help.

And my friend just called me and told me to use Lipton tea. Make up a batch, let it cool, soak a cotton ball in it and put a few drips in each eye. Repeat 8-10 times for the day. She said Xavier should be good to go tomorrow. And she has NEVER taken her kids to the Dr. for pink eye using this method. Her mom used it on her and it has always worked. So of course I am out of Lipton so guess where we will be heading shortly? To Meijer.

Oh also...if I dont do it right away, I will be doing it this afternoon...but I will be updating my current photos with new ones. I kept forgetting to take them and I finally had Aaron take some last night. It is right after I showered so that is why my hair is wet. lol.

But here are a couple of my current shots that are non side by side...

Evening lighting is not my friend. LOL.

Ok...Tip of the Day:


  1. I hate those kind of days, running around like a chicken with its head cut off, but it feels good to get home and cross crap off the list!

  2. I can really see the definition in your body! Your workouts sound super intense. SANDBAGS!? You rock!

    Have a wonderful week :)