Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A great circuit

Ahhhh....my legs are sore today! So sore in fact that I want to share a great circuit with you that we did last night that you could do in your own home.

First I got in 4 miles on the treadmill.

Then I went over and met Eric and he picked up a 20 lb barbell....ya know, the kind your put on your shoulders/back to do squats with.

Then he explained the circuit...

Move 1: a squat then jump 15 reps
Move 2. Alternating jump lunges 10 each leg
Move 3. A deadlift with alternating leg raises 15 each leg
Move 4. High knees 25-30 times

Repeat this circuit three times. Not only do you get high cardio, but you get resistance training as well. Eric wanted to show to me that I dont have to get my cardio on the treadmill all the time.

In between leg circuits we also did some standing ab work using a machine.

And for the last circuit we switched to 30 lb barbell. He said I was making the 20 lbs look too easy. LOL.

And yes...today I can feel the results. 

I did stick around afterwards and completed more abs. I felt like my workout- though effective- was too short. LOL. We only worked out for 20 minutes or so.

So after Eric and I were thru, I did 100 crunches on the BOSU ball, the ab machine at 40 lbs- 10 reps, repeated 4 times, then some oblique work on the BOSU ball.

And this morning I weighed in at 168.0 lbs! Another lb gone. That means I have officially met my 5 lb holiday weight loss goal already. LOL. Now I am trying to figure out if I should aim for another 5 lbs or if it should be more. Eric said 15lbs but I want to enjoy the holidays. So maybe another 5 lbs. I would be ecstatic weighing 163.0 after the holidays! 

Today is errands so I wont be working tonight. I need an oil change and I have to go to the Dollar Store and Grocery shopping while the boys are in school.

Tonight is Karate for Xavier so no gym for me. After the boys go to bed the plan is to work out in the basement. Zumba then some light weights. Then Aaron and I are still trying to catch up on Sons of Anarchy. We have 2 more episodes and we have another one tonight too. The episodes lately have been 90 minutes long. Luckily we can fast forward thru commercials.

Here is my planned food for the day:

Breakfast: Protein shake with 1/2 banana
Lunch: 2 hard boiled eggs, apple with peanut butter
Dinner: leftover tuna from yesterday on iceburg lettuce (like a wrap)

Plus lots of water and caffeine free tea for the day. :)

Do you plan your meals out each day? Do you track your meals? And do you have go-to food? You can see that I eat the same thing most days because I know the calories of them.

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Ooh, I really like the jumping jack tip! And I try to log all my food on MFP. I'm usually good at getting everything until dinner on there. I do eat mostly the same things, too!