Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday Weights

Yesterday was a good day.

Breakfast- smoothie
Lunch- roast beef, scallions, celery, peanut butter and apple
Snack- a few blueberry shredded wheat and a few chocolate chips
Dinner (at UFO night)- celery (lots), hummus (little), a few grapes, a slice of onion pizza (dough, olive oil, sauteed onions, pepper), and a glass of wine.

I stayed all within my calorie limit for the day.

I even did 20 minutes on the fat burn setting on the elliptical, some light upper body weights and then during Landry's naptime I did crunches. Lots of crunches.

UFO night was great. I got all 11 of my mugs done. I am just waiting for them to dry for the 24 hours so I can bake them in the oven. Once they are done, I will take a picture of them.

This morning I got up and my weight was 173.5 again. 1.5+ from yesterday. Not sure why entirely. Maybe the body was having an off day? Maybe because I havent had a BM in a couple days (sorry for the TMI but it could be a factor with as much clean stuff and roughage I am eating), maybe from muscle bloat because I am SORE today....

Regardless, I am not letting it get me down. I can see the changes happening in the mirror and I know I will get there eventually. I am counting the days til the 15th and I can take new pictures!!

AND tonight is training with Eric anyways. So for me, training tonight will be an hour on the treadmill doing intervals and incline changes, then 30 minutes upper body with Eric. I need to flush the legs out and get them feeling good and not sore again before we start working tonight.

Hopefully my weight will be back down to where it was yesterday and I can still have hope to be in the 160's by next week. I will just need to stay on top of my game during the weekend.

But as they say in Xaviers karate class..."I am motivated! I am dedicated! I am on a quest to be my best!"

So what I want to know today is, what keeps you going when you have a setback?

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  1. You are so close to the 160s. Getting to a new decade always feels like forever. I know getting out of the 130s and 140s for me took forever (mentally).

    You are doing fab!

  2. What keeps me motivated??? Sometimes it's the cute clothes I can wear. Other times it's the fact that I can do SO much more than I ever dreamed of at 229 pounds. Mostly it's just FEELING so much better and alive than I ever have, but lately, it's been the fact that I'll be filmed in less than a month and that will be around FOREVER!

    You're doing fantastic! Did you take measurements? That's better, although slower, than the scale.