Friday, December 7, 2012

Help Wanted!!!

<--- I need to remember this for tomorrow!

Let me back up and rehash my day yesterday then I will get onto what I really need.

Great day yesterday. I stayed completely on track and ate more than normal.

Breakfast- smoothie with no banana
Lunch- roast beef, 3 scallions, 2 stalks of celery, baby carrots, hummus, apple and peanut butter
Dinner- Larabar (partially before working out and the rest after), and a cheese stick (after the gym).

Late night workouts mean not much for dinner which is why I ate my biggest meal at lunch.

I got in 4 miles at the gym, did 100 crunches using the half ball thing, inclined crunches and side crunches. Then was RPM. I pushed the weight and tried really hard to stay on tempo. I am definitely getting stronger.

All in all, at the gym I burned 1201 calories.

This morning I woke up to a new low! 170.0!! I am SO close to the 160's! And that means I lost 3 lbs yesterday!!!

Also yesterday I started something new. I put a number 5 on my hand (courtesy of Weight off my shoulders) to remind me of my weight loss goal over the holiday. That way if I get tempted by bad foods, I can look at the 5 and stay strong.

Any of you want to do that as well?

And here is the meat of my blog for today. I need some help. Tomorrow is Aarons party for work. He used to work for this company 2 years ago. And I have changed a lot since then and want to look really nice for the party but not overdressed. I have my dresses narrowed down to 2. Please let me know which dress you vote for and which shoes. I have two options for each.

Both dresses have ruching at the waist.

Dress 1. Long sleeve. Blues, grays, whites and dark greens. Sorry the lighting is bad and my hair is crazy. Shoe choices are a high heeled gray boot or a black wedge boot.

A better view of the boots
Dress 2...sleeveless, multicolored dress. Ruched in the waist again. Usually I wear it with silver wedge sandals. Instead I have a choice of gold glitter pumps or silver heels with diamonds down the middle strap

close up of the shoe choice
What do you think? Which dress should I go with? I LOVE them both, I just keep going back and forth.We are going to a chop house for dinner so it is a bit upscale though our dress isnt super fancy. I am planning on doing my toes and nails tonight to match whatever dress I am going to wear.

And here is my plan for tomorrow (not sure if I will get a chance to blog or not).

I am going to get up and work out while I am waiting for my healthe trim to click in. I will do some zumba and some weights.

Then my normal smoothie for breakfast.
Lunch I am going to pack some celery and carrots to take to the nursing home to see my grandma. I want to leave the majority of my calories for the evening.
Dinner I am going to order the Alaskan crab legs. It is the safest thing I can order. Steamed, no butter and IF I ate the entire 1.5 lbs, it is only 300 calories. I also plan on having a salad and veggies with the dinner- no potatoes though I might have a bite of Aarons hashbrowns that he is going to order. Just a bite as they have blue cheese in with them. For beverages, I am going to be the DD so I will stick with water or cranberry juice and club soda.

And I wanted to give you a looksie at the mugs I did at UFO night the other night. They are all done and baked now so they are dishwasher safe...

I think they turned out pretty cute!

Tip of the day:

This holiday season if you are having alcoholic beverages, try to go with clear alcohol. It has less calories.

ALSO use club soda (no sodium) or seltzer instead of tonic water. Club soda has no calories, or carbs. Tonic water has 23 g of carbs and 90g of calories per 8oz.


  1. I prefer the 1st dress with the black boots, but you have to pick the outfit you feel the BEST in! I can get opinions on things, but it always comes down to what I feel good in, something that I won't constantly be tugging on or I can still breathe in...

    1. I feel great in both dresses which is why the decision is so hard. My gut is saying the first dress because it is more for winter. I usually wear the dress with the gray boots but just got the black ones. We shouldnt be doing much standing so either pair would work.

  2. The second dress with the shoes with the straps. It looks more holiday like and festive. Plus it goes better with your hair and skin tone.

  3. I LOVE THE DRESSES! You look so amazing and I'm so proud of you!!! xoxo