Thursday, December 13, 2012

More of the same

SOOOO...let me just say that I am VERY sore this morning.

Now to tell you what I did last night.

I got in 1.6 miles of running before my workout with Eric. Aarons car has a bad heater core in it (brand new 2012 Focus and we had a bad part already) and so we had to get Aarons grandmas Edge to borrow for a couple days. Thankfully she let us borrow it.

So I got a late start to the gym.

Anyways so I worked out with Eric and I got to play with a couple of new toys. Our focus of the night was biceps, back, abs and maybe some shoulders. Just for shits and giggles we added in some legs too.One of the new toys was a sandbag that has handles on it. He showed me how to clean jerk and flip it up so it rested on my forearms, do a squat then whip it back down. It was a lot harder than it sounds- let me tell you. But I felt great that he didnt need to take out any of the sand in order for me to do it.

I did upright rows, the sandbag things and then I did deadlifts from the floor. The final weight I deadlifted for the evening was 105 lbs...did I mention that was from the floor??? We also did bicep curls and at my heaviest weight I was curling 40 lbs! And I got to play with a small tire that has handles sticking out each side. I dont know what it is called but I was on my knees and I would wheel it out then pull myself back up. I also got to play with a medicine ball. I would lay on the floor with the ball in my hands, crunch up, put the ball between my legs (I brought those up to so they were bent in 90 degrees) leave the ball there, crunch back down, crunch up, get the ball and repeat. That was really hard and I was having a hard time doing it so Eric modified the move. I could keep my legs bent at the 90 degrees and focus on balancing the ball on my legs while I crunched. Really, Really hard stuff. That ball was so much heavier than I thought!

After that we were done. Eric gave me an extra 5 minutes. Made up for my little bit of shorter time on Monday.

Then I went to run again. I got in 0.6 before I had to pee. I paused the machine and when I came back out the damn thing was off so I had to restart it again. Dang it. I started running at a leisurely pace of 5mph which is what I ran before working out. I kept thinking that I only ran 0.6 before working out and another 0.6 when I stopped to pee. Well I ended up running another 3.78 not realizing that I just ran almost 6 miles last night (5.98 miles!). Calories burned: 1224.

And today I am sore. Sore, Sore, Sore.

No change on the scale BUT I tried on my favorite jeans. Ya know...the ones that my sister gave me? And they fit. Not only do they fit, but there is no muffin top!

So I am ok with staying at 168.5 today. I can obviously see that my body is changing.

Now for today.

I am really gonna watch my sugar intake today. I am going to cut back on the fruit. I dont know if that is hindering the weight loss so I am doing an experiment.

Todays menu:
Breakfast- protein smoothie with peanut butter
Lunch- 3 scallions, celery, garlic hummus, roast beef and 2 hard boiled eggs
Dinner- string cheese and celery

I am eating my biggest meal at lunch. Tonight is running and RPM. Eric has already said that he is conducting an experiment and that tonights class is gonna be a killer. So I am making sure that I get lots of protein to get me thru.

Also with tonights class being really late (7:30-8:30) I am not going to eat much afterwards for dinner which is why I am sticking with the light celery and string cheese.

Wish me luck. The experiment should be interesting.

What has been your latest non-scale victory?

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  1. Sounds like you had an intense workout! Stretching will help with the soreness :) Good for you!

  2. "It is a lot harder than it sounds" -no, it did sound really hard so I can't imagine actually doing that! :)get it girl!