Friday, December 28, 2012

Post Christmas weight gain

Thought this was cute...and it is how I was feeling during Christmas though not intentionally hiding from exercise.

I was sort of embarassed to have gone from a weight of 165 to a weight of 169.5.

Until last night. Eric confessed to the 4 of us that was taking his spin class last night (small class because of the holiday. The gym was almost empty) that he gained 6 pounds in one day. LOL. Apparently he ate a peanut butter cup on Christmas that was the size of his head. And while it tasted good, he is like me and once you ingest crap processed food after eating clean for a long time, your stomach tends to not sit well.

Now let me back up and recap.

Christmas didnt go as well as planned. We ended up switching from my aunt and uncles house to my grandpa's house because my uncle was sick. Because of that, we brought wine and beer.

I ended up eating hummus and celery, some shrimp, a couple buffalo wraps (we had some at my sisters wedding and we got the recipe from the restaurant), a couple stuffed mushrooms, a couple bacon water chestnuts, some homemade applesauce, some crackers and cheese, and a couple cookies my aunt made. I did have some wine but stuck mostly to water.

Not as bad as I could have done but still. I had decided that I could work off the weight gain and that I would just enjoy the day.

Christmas morning was when I weighed in at 169.5. Ugh. At least I wasnt over 170. Trying not to go there again.

Christmas I cooked our dinner. Turkey, green bean casserole, asparagus, lots of snacks like left over salsa, italian rolls, applesauce, stuffing, cookies, etc. I did well and had some turkey, wine,  a beer, a half of a roll, a little bit of stuffing. That basically did me for the day besides an english muffin I had for breakfast.

Day after Christmas I was happy to learn that I dropped a pound on Christmas day to 168.5 even though I ate what I wanted, and even had a Chocolate Bock beer. Usually beer bloats me.

Wednesday we got a ton of snow and I got snowed in and couldnt go to the gym. Well I could of, but I didnt want to risk it. So instead I ran on the elliptical for an hour. (More about my Wed adventure in a bit)

Yesterday I was down a pound to 167.5.

Then because I missed working out with Eric on Wed night, I worked out with him last night. Well first I did 2 miles of running on the treadmill, 1 mile of walking, then I worked with Eric for upper body for a half hour, then did RPM. I ABOUT DIED!! I dont know how I used to run, do an hour of Body Pump weight lifting and then did RPM.

I ended up burning 1276 calories.

I did end up buying some things for me the day after Christmas to help me with my exercising. Aaron got me some weight lifting gloves which I desperately needed- purple too! And I went to Dicks Sporting Goods to look at the adjustable kettlebells that Aaron found. I didnt end up buying those, but I found some Fila Skele-toes on clearance for $25. Those are the toe shoes that are like Vibrams. I decided to try them on and thought they were really cute. My toes are curved a bit so it takes a minute to get my toes into each slot but they are super comfy. I decided for $25 it was worth the money to try them out to see how I like them before spending money on the real deal Vibrams. When I went to pay for them I was shocked to learn that they were $19 with tax! I guess there was another 25% off the clearance!! Woo hoo!

Then I went to Best Buy and got an external cd drive for my computer so I could put my zumba music onto my iPod that I have been getting in the mail. I have a netbook that doesnt have an internal drive. $30 and I was a happy camper.

After I was done there (and by now the snow was flying really good), I headed across the street to the bicycle shop to check out the cycling shoes. They had a bunch on clearance and I splurged and got a pair.

LET ME TELL YOU...if you take a spinning class like RPM regularly, get some shoes!! They make a world of difference and I almost couldnt walk after class last night. I think I got my shoes for $60 (they were $90) and then the clips for them for $20. I was able to use some Christmas money to get them. A really good investment.

Once I was done at the cycling shop, I decided not to take the expressway home and instead take surface streets. The streets werent bad, just slow going. I think my anti locks only came on once or twice when I was turning a corner. When I crossed the overpass, express way traffic was moving about the speed I was so I was glad I stayed on the less traveled surface streets. All it takes is one person to lose control on the expressway, hit another car and cause a pile up.

Between all this, I was messaging Eric back and forth trying to figure out if we were still meeting or not. Finally I decided that I would be better to wait and kill myself Thursday. I am glad I did. One of the other trainers was telling me how Wed, she had to turn her steering wheel right in order to go straight on the expressway on Wednesday.

Today I am heading out of town with the boys to my parents house for the weekend. We are getting together to do our Christmas gifts to each other. Aaron isnt coming because he now has pink eye. Poor guy!

So tonight my plan is to run for an hour on my moms treadmill. Tomorrow I am teaching my first Zumba class for my mom and dads neighbors/friends. It should be a blast! I am getting my music around as we speak (well I type) for it. Lots of them are newbies so I will have to show modifications but I also want to do high cardio for the challenge for the others. So we shall see!

Packing will be interesting. I have lots of things I need to remember to pack for the Zumba class...ipod, portable speaker, HRM, workout gear, Zumba fun gear like my shimmy skirt, plus the boys stuff and my regular stuff. Plus I need to pack gifts for Christmas for my nieces and my parents.

Well I am off. Time to start getting everybody around and packed so I can be ready to go after lunch. Hopefully the boys will nap in the car but I highly doubt it.

Here is hoping I dont gain weight this weekend.

Have a good weekend all!

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