Monday, December 3, 2012

Good weekend

My other friend K posted this on her FB page the other day and I just LOVED the quote so I thought I would share.

Yesterday was a crazy day! I got up in the morning and started baking the rim cookies I had rolled up the previous day. You have to cut the cookies into slices from the log of dough that you rolled in sprinkles (hence the name "rim" when you cut them).

Then Aaron decided that he wanted to go to Cabela's for the kids to see the fish and stuffed animals. On the way there I drank the rest of my smoothie. The store is about 30 min or so from us so we ended up getting lunch there too.

I did really good. I had a small bit of one of Xavier's chicken tenders and I had a few sips of root beer. I know I should be staying away from the caffeine and artificial sweeteners so that is why I just had a few.

When we got home, the boys definitely needed to go to bed and then I started getting more cookies done. In between all that, I had an apple with some peanut butter in the middle.

Yesterday I did turtles (pretzel, rolo, pecans), peppermint bark, peanut butter kiss cookies and last night Aaron helped me get the cornflake wreaths done. So this weekend I banged out 7 types of cookies/sweets. And I can HONESTLY say that besides a few licks of the chocolate that was on my fingers, I didnt eat a single cookie or crumb. Pretty good willpower so far.

Then for dinner I sauteed some onions and roast beef and garlic. I made Aaron a sandwich. I broiled his bun for a few seconds, added the sauteed onions, garlic, roast beef, topped that with cheese and stuck it back under the broiler to toast. I ate the remaining onions and beef from a bowl.

The boys had major meltdowns at dinner because they really didnt end up taking a nap yesterday. It wasnt pretty and one for the books.

So once we got them to bed, I went downstairs to the basement and cleaned up all the toys they had out and locked them up. Sounds mean but I told them that if they didnt clean them up that they would go away. So we will see how they like that one. They are going to need to earn them back by listening and doing chores.

Then I decided not to do Zumba last night. Instead I did some upper body weights. Bicep curls, tricep work, shoulders and back was good and a good way to work off the mad.

Afterwards, I came upstairs and that was when Aaron and I made the corn wreath cookies.

And then I called it a night on the cookie front and I read until Walking Dead started. I did have some pumpkin seeds last night as a treat too.

Today I weighed in at 173.5. So I lost a pound! This is the first time in a while that I have lost weight over a weekend. So a big wahoo for me!

Today I am working on more cookies. Chocolate chip and butterscotch oatmeal. Tonight I will be running and then working legs with Eric. Cant wait!

Meal today will be:

Breakfast- smoothie (banana, protein powder, ice, water)
Lunch- celery, apple, peanut butter, some roast beef (lunchmeat)
Dinner- tuna with onion, celery, and 1T of fat free mayo (post gym)

And I still have plenty of allowance left over incase I want a glass of wine tonight or a mini snack today. I have to watch the protein and sugars though because I am already over on those for the day (according to MyFitnessPal) but the sugars are natural sugars found in the fruit (banana and apple).

Thats the exciting news for now (well not really exciting). Have a great Monday everyone!

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  1. That's A LOT of cookies! Do you give them as gifts and how do you store them? Freezer? We do one day of baking with all of the sisters and nieces and nephews decorating the cookies. That tradition is at least 10 years strong. Probably my favorite part of the holidays.

    1. It IS a lot of cookies. I give the majority of them away as gifts. Aarons family buys for everyone (aunts, uncles, cousins) and that just isnt good for our wallet. So I do a big platter of cookies per family. I store them in tins and bags and plastic containers generally in the garage where it is cold though the weather isnt cooperating much this year. I have a Christmas party already this weekend so I always need to do my cookies early. Last year I did 17 different types (not joking!)