Monday, February 27, 2012

What was that about???

All I can say is "whoa".

Yesterday as you all know if you read my blog, I had a birthday party to go to. They made home made tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole, chicken fajitas, carrots, hummus, celery, veggie pizza, strawberries, carrot cake, angel food cake mixed with fat free cool whip and had heath bars crushed on top, and finally margarita cupcake complete with soaked in tequila.

I started off with bunches of carrots and celery.
Then I had a little fajita with some salsa, guac, and some onions. I didn't add cheese. And it was on a whole wheat tortilla.

I did have a few chips and guac and some hummus.
For dessert, I had a very small piece of the angel food concoction. It was awesome! And as a treat I had a margarita cupcake which I scraped most of the frosting off of. All very good and I knew I would gain some weight, but this is a treat and sometimes we just need treats.

I did very good by not drinking a margarita. I did have a sip of Aarons and while it tasted good, I just didnt want a whole one. One sip was enough. I stuck to plain water and hot plain tea.

We didnt get home until almost 10pm last night so I did not get on the elliptical like I had originally planned.

Now gets me into the "woah" part.

Everyone that has been reading this blog for some times knows that I am really trying to Eat Clean. Last night was the first night in a long time that it was kind of thrown out of the window for a full meal.

Last night I had some of the most vivid and scary dreams I can ever remember. I mean we are talking graphic dreams in which some unspeakable things were done to me against my will and then I was kidnapped (if you get my drift). I woke up just before 4:30am and almost started crying. I really had to catch my breath and calm down. And of course after that, I had a really really really hard time falling back to sleep.

Now I am wondering if the nightmares were from the sugar and processed foods. Dont get me wrong, most of the food was pretty healthy even if it did have some processed things in it. I am thinking more about the cupcake and decadent frosting and the alcohol.

Has anyone else had that happen? Is it a user dream like Czesia had? It just really creeped me out.

This morning when I stepped onto the scale I weighed 163.5. I am ok with that. I didnt get to work out yesterday and I had some processed food and sugar. It wasnt surprising. Hopefully today I will start flushing my system back out and get back on track. After I am done writing all this up, I am going to make a modified Sassy Water. I think my mint has expired in the fridge so I will just be doing cucumber, lemon and ginger.

Hopefully this drink will help me in other areas besides my bloat as well.

This is a TMI alert!!

Before I started losing weight, I could go #2 up to 2, 3, or sometimes more a day.
Since losing weight, number #2 only comes maybe once every other day. Probably because I am not eating as much and the body is able to use more of what I am eating. I get that.

But man. For the past 3-4 days, it feels like I have to go. I have constant pressure down there. But when I go into the bathroom, (TMI again) either nothing comes out or just a very little bit.

Not to get gross, but does anyone else have this problem?

If it doesnt change soon, I may have to resort to an enema to do a clean out. Dr Oz recommends that for constipation because it provides pretty immediate relief. Where as drinking prune juice or something like X-Lax may not even work.

I am sure that this problem has a bit to do with my weight gain too.

What a stupid problem to have huh?
So that is another reason I am doing the Sassy water. Hopefully it will work as well as it did last time and help clean me out.

Ok nuff weirdness for today.

Today is P90X back, biceps and abs.
Tonight is one hour on the elliptical.

Hopefully this will get me back on track with the weight.

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  1. TMI: I was going every other day for a while, but I think since I'm eating more, I've gotten more regular. You could try acidophilus supplements. When my kids were potty training and refusing to go #2, I had to get infant's glycerin suppositories. They are very, very thin and long. All they needed was probably less than a 1/2" piece and they went within 15 minutes. That's probably a lot easier than the enema. You drink a lot of water, right? But with all the exercise you've been doing, you probably could drink even more. Good luck! That's one of the worst feelings- extremely bad after giving birth and breast feeding!!

    1. Thanks for the ideas. I knew about suppositories, but never used one so I wasnt sure how long it took for them to work. Luckily, the sassy water seems to be doing its job flushing my system. A full gallon of it I have to drink today and man- its a good thing I dont work. I would have to spend my day in the bathroom. LOL

  2. Wow! Scary dreams! I'm guessing it was the sugar. But the night I had my scary dreams I had red meat so go figure! LOL!

    I go #2 almost every day. I was really screwed up on my trip though. What a mess! I could barely go, had to make myself try with little, if any, results. When I would finally have to go, I'd be no where where I could! 4 days into the trip I finally was able to go and was making a visit about every hour throughout the night. I'm thankful to be home and back on track! Whew!

    1. I am glad your back on track too. This is horrible. I still feel like I have to go and I have been going all day on and off.

  3. OMG SCARY DREAM! I watched a movie called Last House on the Left and they had a very vivid scene where such things happened to this girl. It left me so shaken that I started crying and made Marc turn it off. I wonder if it was the sugars like you said! You eat very clean so even a smidge more than you are used to might throw your body off? Poop..ugh I hate Poo. LOL! I have such a problem with staying regular. The only thing that helps for me is drinking tons of water, and eating load of fiber. Even then it's like a every other, or even third day kind of thing. It's been like that my whole life.

  4. Ugh. No bad dreams for me last night, but still having problems with my regularity. I drank over a gallon of water yesterday and still no real help.

    That is why I dont watch scary movies. I dont need the nightmares. LOL. But I really think the nightmares were from the extra sugar. I guess it is another way to make sure I turn down the extra sugary foods and stay on the straight and narrow.