Sunday, February 19, 2012

Great to be back at the Gym

Yesterday was a great day.

We had Xaviers ice skating lesson in the morning and though he got to be lazy and said he was done and waited for help from the instructors, once I got on the ice at the end with him I made him skate for himself. If he fell, I made him get up on his own. When he hit a hockey puck, I made him skate over to it to hit it again.

After that we came home and I made kale chips and rice krispie treats.

I packed our food items up while Aaron fed the boys an early lunch and then we were off to Aarons grandmas house.

I went to Michaels to return and get some flowers for my sisters bouquets and then I was off to the gym.

I started on the ARC on a 9 incline and 25 resistance on the manual setting. I also set it for an hour thinking- this is no problem. I can do this. I turned the tv at the machine to Bravo and got involved in a show so the time was going by pretty quick. Then it started to feel like I was going to die. The time was going by slower and slower and my butt was getting sore. Finally I came to the realization that I am not going to be able to do a full hour my first time out on this ARC. So after 30 minutes I stopped and went and did leg presses, some crunch exercises, and seated rows.

After I was done with my circuit I went back to the ARC. This time I set it on the fat burn session on level 9. Ouch. But good. And I made it thru the full 30 minutes. And I was soaked with sweat.

Then I thought "what the heck". The gym was pretty empty and my other favorite machine was free. The Step Master. The one that is like walking up an escalator. I set that for 10 minutes on the fat burn session and it was a very...long...10...minutes. But oh so good! I had to wipe down the bottom of the machine because I dripped so much sweat.

So my total calorie burn yesterday for the gym was 839 calories for an hour and a half. I do have to say that the ARC is not very accurate at calorie burn. When I first started, it told me I was close to having burned 200 calories when in actuality, my heart rate monitor said I was at 86 calories burned. So my calorie burn total is from my Polar and not from the machine.

I dont know if you burn more than normal because of the type of the machine and should go by that number or if my HRM is more accurate. If anyone has any info about that, let me know!!

My weight is still 167.5 for today and I am very happy about that. I ate a healthy dinner yesterday, but when I got back to Grandmas from the gym, I had a piece of pizza. Then I had wine with dinner. So it was good to know I counteracted some of the bad stuff I ate yesterday.

Tonight I will be hitting my home elliptical for an hour and maybe do some light weights.
Monday I am starting back up with Phase 2 of P90X. Not really sure if I should just start over on Phase 1 after being off from two weeks or if I should just pick up where I left off but I figured I will just finish out where I left off so I can move onto a full 90 days of P90X2.

Tip of the Day: A fun little workout that I found on Pinterest.


  1. You would definitely be able to do an hour on the arc trainer if you pulled back a little on the incline and resistance! If you go hard for that first half hour and scale back your feet feel like they're flying after that! I think Jillian Michaels said that almost all machines are off on their calorie count (by as much as 30%!) because they don't take into account your age, sex or fitness level, merely your weight, IF you've even plugged that into the machine. I'll get home and enter the amount of exercise I do in MFP, and even that doesn't take into account the level of difficulty of your workout, just your age, sex and weight. Aggravating, right? I'm guessing the most accurate would be to have some sort of Body Bug, which I can't afford.

    Great job getting back into the swing of things!

  2. Thanks. I cant afford the Body Bug either but I think my HRM is pretty accurate. It takes into account my sex, age and weight though I need to change that...LOL.

    Thanks for the kudos! I always like getting motivation from others. Keeps me going.

  3. I need to look for this ARC trainer at my gym. It sounds wonderful!

    1. Definitely check it out. I am VERY sore from it. If you keep the incline on zero though, it is very much like an elliptical. My recommendation to you is to raise it to an incline of 9 to start.