Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ice Skating and the Big Day!!

Tomorrow is the Big Day... and I don't just mean the Super Bowl.

Tomorrow is the day that I take my 30 day pictures from doing the P90X workout.

I have to admit, I am excited and a little scared at the same time. I mean, what if I cant see any changes? It doesn't mean that I am not working hard, and it doesn't mean that I am going to quit, but man...I don't know if I can step up my game much more!!!

Today I didn't do the P90X yoga. I will be doing it tomorrow instead when my boys nap. A good way to burn some calories before eating during the game.

Today instead, was my oldest sons first ice skating lesson. He is 4 and a half years old. I was very proud of him that he didn't give up after falling so many times (his daddy gave up when he was little and having lessons). He did however cop out a little and when he fell, waited for an instructor to come and help him up. After a while the one instructor caught on and yelled at him to do it. I applaud her. I was doing the same thing from the sidelines. And eventually when he fell, he figured out how to get himself up.

At the end of the class, the last 15 minutes are open skate. The parents and siblings are allowed to rent skates and come on the ice too. So I rented skates, went out, and held him up by the arm pits while he tried to play hockey with the little sticks and pucks they put on the ice. He was in heaven. At the end I had him hold my hand, keep the stick in the other, and march over the ice to help him learn to skate. All in all he did pretty good...heck I did pretty good too. I am sure I burned a few calories holding him up and moving him over the ice. AND I didn't fall at all. Ha. Makes me want to buy some ice skates now!!

Afterwards, we all went out to the local coney island for breakfast. I did pretty good considering. I ordered the spinach skillet with egg whites, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, grilled onions and no cheese. I had whole wheat toast and I did have hash browns. BUT I didn't have any sausage or bacon...and I LOVE bacon.

Tonight for dinner I had homemade veggie lasagna with spinach, carrots, mushrooms, squash, low fat mozzarella and low fat ricotta cheese with whole grain noodles and veggie sauce. Not exactly Eating Clean, but pretty dang close. My mother in law and my oldest son made it. It was delicious and I admit I had two pieces- but I hadn't eaten since breakfast.

We will see how the pictures turn out tomorrow after feasting tonight. LOL.

Tip of the Day: Perfect for tomorrow!!


  1. I've never been skating and one of my biggest regrets was not skating with my husband and kids in Rockefeller Center. I was heavy at the time and didn't want to be embarrassed if I fell. Now I need to go back and experience that!

    Will you posting the pictures tomorrow? If you can't see the difference it won't be surprising-we're our worst critics! I'm sure we'll help you notice the changes! (GO BIG BLUE!)

  2. I am getting ready to post them right now!!! Nothing like getting it over and done with. LOL