Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not much new...

Not much new here today...

Yes I am still sick...Ugh. Fricking sinuses.

Yesterday evening we went over to Aarons grandma's house for dinner with the family. Masticholi (I know my spelling is wrong), garlic bread, salad, strawberries, green beans and of course- dessert. Custard pie, and blueberry pie from the Amish and Valentine cookies.

I did pretty good...well at least I thought I did. I had a very small amount of the pasta, a large salad and then I had 2 pieces of garlic bread. I had some strawberries and a very small slice of blueberry pie for dessert. Later while we played Phase 10, I had a 64 calorie beer.

Ugh. I think the sugar, pasta and beer did me in. Somehow I gained two pounds between yesterday and today. I am sure it is a lot of water weight probably from the spike in insulin and sugar.

Today I will be going back and really watch what I eat. I am dying to exercise and may try to do some workouts while the boys nap this afternoon even if it is just on the elliptical.

I also will not be having any beer. Ha. Beer always bloats me.

Normally I would be saying ok, no biggie because I can work it off later, but now that I have that bridesmaid dress I am really conscious because I do not want it to be tight come July.

Eventually I know that I will be able to really start exercising again. Hopefully next week even though my ears are still plugged.

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  1. Do you have a re-check appointment with your doctor to make sure your ears are healing after the infection? Maybe you need them flushed? Gosh, you have been feeling bad for a while and I feel so bad for you! Especially since you were doing so well in January. Look on the bright side, (difficult with how you're feeling, I'm sure), thank goodness you were as fit and healthy when hit with this or it would've been so much worse. You'll be back up to speed before you know it! Feel better!

  2. I should do a recheck, unfortunately without getting into too many details, I am not able to right now. I am starting to feel pretty good now and will probably head to the gym Friday night to see what I can do.