Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Musings...

Yesterdays recap.

I did Kempo with Aaron and burned 459 calories.
Then last night I did a full hour on the elliptical for a burn or 631 calories. Total calories burned yesterday from exercise: 1090. Nice.

This morning when I stepped on the scale, I only lost .5 pound. My weight this morning was 161.0. It is a loss and I will take it.

BUT I know what went wrong yesterday and it was multiple things.

1. I didnt get my normal smoothie for breakfast to kick off the metabolism. And instead because I was stuck at the doctor, I had to eat what was in my purse which was dried cranberries. Dried fruit you would think would be good for you, but most of the time it has a LOT of sugar added to it. Not good for me.

2. When I got home I had lunch. And I finished off my left over sandwich from when I went out Thurs. Really yummy but again, with the bun and the guacamole, not the best thing. Plus I still had 2 hard boiled eggs, an english muffin with natural peanut butter and some baby carrots. Did I mention that I was hungry???

3. For dinner I had my missed smoothie from that morning. Nothing wrong with that. I finally had gotten to the store to get more spinach.

4. After I ran and took a shower, I had a glass of wine. It was the Berringer Red Moscato. Very tasty and a little sweet. I limited myself to only one glass. And I had a few kernals of popcorn. Aaron had popped it the night before with coconut oil and sea salt. Normally I could eat a whole bowl, but it didn't really sound good last night.

So these few things threw me off track yesterday. A loss is a loss though and I will take it. And I am back on track for today.

I had my smoothie, and I will have my normal lunch. English muffin with Natural PB, 2 hard boiled eggs, a handful of baby carrots with a wedge of laughing cow cheese.

Tonight I will be making spaghetti for the family with sausage sauce. For me, it will be some quinoa with sauteed spinach, tomatoes, garlic and onion.

And then after the boys go to bed, I will be hitting the elliptical again. No P90X scheduled for today. It is a rest day.

Now my next question and I would like readers to weigh in:

You all know if you have been following me, that I set my goal weight for 155. I am now 6 lbs away. My question to you is, in all of your various stages of weight loss, have you set multiple goal weights?

The reason I ask is this... When I get to 155, because it is only 6 lbs away, I know that I still have a lot of fat and flab on my legs, hips and stomach. That is where I hold most of my weight. I don't know if I will be able to get into the 140s or if I will look too skinny, but I am trying to decide if I should go for more weight off or not. I mean, if I keep losing weight, apparently it will mean my body isnt finished yet, but at that point do I reset a new goal?

Very exciting to think that if I stay on top of things, I could be to my goal weight in about 2 weeks. That is, if my elliptical keeps helping me burn like it has been!

Tip of the Day (which could have helped me yesterday):


  1. When I was starting out I just wanted to get to 175, because it had been forever since I had been there. When I was stuck there I started counting calories with MFP and got down to 147. It's been extremely hard to stay there. (I'm uo 6 pounds as you know!) I would prefer to weigh 139 (I'm 5')and finally be out of the overweight category on the BMI chart, even though it's really not an accurate assessment of health because bodybuilders fall into the obese range! I am wearing size 6 jeans and can NOT believe that! I think my legs are thick and there's still some fat attached to all this skin on my stomach. But, I also don't want to live my life in the gym or starving. And if I do, then I'm at goal, and that's the way my life will have to be FOREVER to maintain that weight. I'm not that willing to sacrifice SO much. When you get to your goal weight, see what it takes you to maintain it. To lose more, you'd have to cut more calories or work out even more. You're already doing SO much. Could your body withstand more? Eventually something's gotta give.
    Have a great Sunday!

    1. Thanks. Your right. Something will have to give. But I really want to get rid of the bumps on the sides of my hips and try to get rid of my belly flap. I may have to really just spot train my lower body area. Or give in and go the surgery route. Ouch for the pain and the pocketbook.

      I do agree about the just isn't accurate.

  2. Do you do weight training too? I only ask because I'm lifting (with the aide of my husband, and very small amounts of weight hahaha), and I wonder if it'll really improve my results later. Since I've started I've lost all kinds of inches, but my weight has been so stagnate!

    1. I do. I do P90X which is weight training every other day. On the off days it is cardio. I also do Body Pump at the gym which is weights. Weight training definitely helps not only improve your look, but will help get thru your plateaus. I should also note that if you lift heavy weight, you may gain weight. That has been my experience.

    2. I was feeling really downhearted today, but then I did my very first ever push up and realized I probably didn't have any muscle at all to start out with! But I do just lift low weights with high reps. So maybe that explains it! Btw you're looking good!

    3. Thanks so much!

      I would suggest upping your weight and try to do about 10-12 reps. Repeat it 2 times. Like in P90X (for example) we will do pushups, then arm curls, then say two other arm exercises. Then we repeat the circuit of the 4 exercises. They do about 3-4 different circuits of exercises and we do each circuit 2 times before moving onto the next circuit. I hope that makes sense. If not, I can post what exercises we do.

      Thanks again for the compliment! I cant wait to post my 60 day pictures.

  3. Great workout! I have found that if I work out heavily, I may not lose any weight for a couple of days. I have this theory that the muscles take on water, due to swelling and a bit of irritation. The weight loss will come! You're doing great.

    1. I am not worrying about it. A loss is a loss. Today I will probably gain because we are now going to my Aunts house for my cousins b-day. She is making fajitas though so pretty healthy! Tonight I still plan on running on the elliptical. That is a great theory about muscles taking on water! When I started weight lifting, I gained weight probably due to the swelling. Personally I dont care what weight I am as long as my pants fit and arent tight. LOL.