Thursday, February 23, 2012

Boring post today...sorry!

Today is kind of a blah day for my blog. No fun pictures or motivational sayings all because my computer will not start up. So instead I am using my husbands computer in hopes that later today after my computer is plugged in for a while, it will turn on. I am not really hopeful with that though.

Ok on to my work out recap yesterday.

Last night after my poor sick boys went to bed I did P90X Chest, shoulders and triceps. Oh man! I have never done so many different kinds of push ups in my life. I am talking about standard push ups, military push ups, wide push ups, slow push ups, staggered push ups, one handed push ups (Yes really one handed!), clap push ups when you push yourself up, you clap before going back down...the list goes on. I really like working my arms, however I really HATE push ups! Plus I dont have a very good range of motion because my right shoulder for whatever reason hurts when I try to bend it a certain way. So I just did my best and forgot the rest.

Afterwards was the dreaded but oh so good Ab RipperX. My only complaint with that is a move called fifer scissors where your legs are up in the air and you slowly scissor them back and forth. For whatever reason my hips pop while doing that causing some pain. So I did a couple and skipped the rest not wanting to cause an injury.

Then I finished my work out off by going on the elliptical for 15 minutes on the fat burn session. I went kind of slow because my legs and butt were really sore still from RPM and got JUST under a mile in.

My total calories burned for my workout was 499. Not bad for a light day!

The best part was this morning. I got on the scale and it told me I weighed 163. Another pound gone! Not sure why the weight is coming off easily now after being stalled for so long, but I will definitely take it! 8 lbs to go before my UGW! Getting close!

This morning I did P90X yoga. I was originally worried about my ears but I didnt have any pain what so ever. The only move I skipped because of some ear pressure was the crane and truly I am not that upset I had to skip it. I am not very good at that move yet anyways. LOL.

So my calorie burn this morning was 342.

Tonight I am meeting a friend for dinner so I will have to be creative with my calorie consumption. I have already gone online and looked at their menu to mentally prepare what I am going to order and change. I plan on going for a grilled chicken sandwich, hold the brie cheese, and I will ask if they can hold the mayo or whatever they put on it and instead put some sliced avocado on it. Instead of their pasta salad I will see if I can have a small side salad with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Then if it isnt too late by the time I get home, I want to run on the elliptical again just to offset some of the calories. We will see if it is in the cards for me.

This leads me into the Tip of the Day:

If you know you will be going out for a meal at a restaurant, see if they have a menu online that you can look at before going there. Many restaurants have nutritional information on their websites and it may not be 100% accurate, BUT it at least will give you a good idea of where you stand. If they dont have a nutritional listing, look for things like grilled chicken, steamed veggies, etc. Skip the fattening things like cheese and mayo and instead give yourself good things like avocado that are creamy and add some flavor. I may even ask if they have red pepper flakes to spice it up.

And just remember that if you gain a couple pounds that it comes with the territory and you will probably drop them back off in a day or so.

Final tip for eating out- when I order my meal tonight, I will be asking for a to go box when the food arrives. That way I can cut my meal down and pack it to go so I dont eat the whole thing. It helps to keep portion control.


  1. Any tips for a 70th birthday party tomorrow night? Lots of grannies telling you a bit of cake will do you good! :(

    1. Take a small piece and dont eat the frosting. When I say small, I would take a piece about the size of a "fun size" candy bar. So about 1" x 2". Enough to satisfy your intake but not enough to blow your calories for the day. And I would plan in advance what you will be eating tomorrow so you can have calories ready for the party.
      And if you really dont want the calories from the cake? Just say no. Dont let them force you into it. My family used to do the same thing and they know that now they cant push me to have it. It isnt worth it to me. I see cake and I think of how long I will have to work it off tomorrow! LOL

  2. I've been looking up menus online, too. It helps to be prepared so you don't spend half your time staring at the menu instead of enjoying your friend's company!

    1. I agree. I go in knowing what I want and what I want to change. Sometimes the poor waiter doesnt like it, but its ok.

  3. Online menus are the best! I can eat almost anywhere!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks!! I try really hard to give good practical tips that everyone can use.