Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sick Sick Sick

Yesterday my right ear started to ache really badly. I thought maybe I might have some impacted wax so I broke out my moms cure- hydrogen peroxide and put it in my ear to bubble.

It helped- a lot BUT my ear still felt stuffed.

My wonderful husband let me go to bed early last night- so I was off to bed at 7pm.

I slept til 7am.

My ear no longer hurt, but my eyes were literally glued shut. Wonderful.

I got up and wiped my face and came face to face in the mirror with two red...and I mean RED eyes.

Ugh. So I got the boys up and decided that I needed to take a trip into Urgent Care. As I was waiting in the room with the boys to see the doctor, my left ear slowly started to feel "stuffy". I noticed when I got up this morning that my boys sounded like they were talking into window fans...ya know that garbily sounding voice?

Sure enough, the doctor confirmed what I thought. An infection that caused a double middle ear infection as well as pink eye.

Double Ugh. So off to Meijer I went to get the prescriptions filled and to pick up milk.

Thankfully when we left I had some bottled water from the gym in the car so I took my antibiotic right away. And I gave myself my first round of eye drops.

As I was laying at home on the couch and the boys were having lunch, I noticed my right ear start to make small popping noises. Then guess what? I think my ear drum ruptured. Fluid started coming out and it was a little pink which I think was blood. Really? Could my day get any better? On the plus side, I think it helped because my ears no longer ache. Could be because pressure was relieved or could be from the motrin I took or maybe...just maybe...the antibiotics are kicking in already.

It just blows. I was supposed to go shopping this weekend for my sisters wedding. I was so excited about it and now it looks like I wont be going at all. Maybe next weekend. We shall see.

Tip of the Day:
Make sure you get your you don't get sick like me! And take a good multivitamin and drink lots of you don't get sick like me. Ha!


  1. Aww... that sucks, but sometimes when you get a diagnosis and know what you're dealing with you get to take something to make it better, finally! You should feel better after an entire day on the antibiotics. Hopefully, by Saturday you'll be almost as good as new. Don't cancel your plans just yet!

  2. So sorry that you're sick. It sounds terrible. I hope that you recover quickly, and perhaps with the antibiotics that will happen.

  3. Thanks. Already starting to feel better after just one pill. It is a very high dose of Amoxicillin because I am immune to lower doses so I think it will work quickly. My mother in law (who is a nurse) says I should be fine for this weekend if I keep with the antibiotics.

  4. How are you feeling? I've been derailed with a very bad head cold w/ slight pressure in my ears. Today I feel a bit better than yesterday when I woke up. I've used my nettie pot and I'm feeling less pressure now. I hope you're feeling better!

  5. Feeling better today thanks...didn't sleep much last night so I will be making up for it tonight.