Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Monday...

I got my Bridesmaid dress this weekend courtesy of Davids Bridal.

It was the first one I tried on (4 total) and this one was by far the winner.

And my sister loved it.

And I liked it.

And my husband said it is very sexy. (grin)

To which my sister said...well it is a sexy dress!

The color is watermelon so it is a slightly darker form of fuchsia.

I still have to figure out shoes for it. I found a pair of platinum wedge platforms at Davids that I love...but my mom wasnt crazy about them. I found another pair of shoes at Pennys that were silver with rhinestones going up the front (kinda like a strappy sandal with a wide band of rhinestones from toes to ankle height) that I liked too but again, my mom wasn't sold.

No biggie. The wedding isn't until July. I have time.

The dress is a size 10 (wahoo) and is just a tad snug. I can get it up and on and zipped no problem but the lower waist is a tad tight. On the plus side, it keeps the strapless dress from sliding down. LOL. My sister wondered if I should wait til closer to the wedding thinking I might need an 8, but I do not see myself getting that small. If anything, I would just need it taken in slightly. SO I bought it. And am very excited to wear it.

Saturday night I did do some exercising. I originally wanted to run 13.1 miles, but I knew that was no longer an option with my ears. So I started off walking 4.0 mph which got boring really fast. Finally I decided to try running and pumped it up to 5.5mph. Much better and it didn't hurt my ears too much. So I ended up just running intervals back and forth for the better part of an hour. Total time on the treadmill was 1 hr 8 min, 4.5 miles and I burned 619 calories. Not shabby for just getting back on the work out wagon.

My dad also did something very generous and very unexpected. He offered to buy me a pair of Vibram running shoes. He heard so many good things about them from some people lately that he thought I could benefit from them. I know they take a while to get used to, but from what everyone says, they are lifesavers and the most comfortable shoes out there.

I am sure that will be a blog posting for another day.

As of this morning, I am also down to 166.5. Not bad considering that the tasting that was on Saturday was not at all low fat or clean. Plus, truly clean food at my parents house (or anyone that doesn't clean eat for that matter) is hard to come by.

My mom had blueberries at the house so I ate a ton of them all weekend. Plus I made an egg white omlette with grape tomatoes, garlic, orange and yellow peppers and onions Saturday night for dinner. Sunday morning after church, I made a breakfast sandwich with an english muffin (not clean but oh well), 2 eggs (yolks and all) onion, jalapeno slices, and a piece of swiss cheese. Yummy. Last night for dinner was a turkey sub from subway because I was on the road going home.

All in all a great weekend...Oh and Friday as I was driving north, a snow/ice storm hit. I just drove slow and thankfully my exit was before a 62 car pile up on I-75. Yes I said a 62 car pileup.

So I didn't get in an accident, lost some weight, found a bridesmaid dress and got the flowers to make the bouquets and got to spend time with my family. Love it!

Another dress picture...sorry it is a bit blurry...

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress!!!!

  2. The dress is perfect! Glad you had a great weekend (and was safe!)!

  3. You look fantastic!!!! WOW! Do let me know about those running shoes. I'm very curious about what you think of them.

  4. You look great!
    And I love to go backwards on my treadmill. I switch it up to keep things exciting.

    1. Thanks AlanaMarie!! It is always good to switch things up. Keeps you from getting bored.