Friday, February 3, 2012

Sleeplessness and 10k

So last night I went to the gym to try to run a 10k before my CX workout.

Unfortunately the treadmill caps out at 60 minutes so I knew I would have to restart my run. I wasn't going to push it and get an injury my first time at a long distance.

I set my mph for a steady 5.2 and off I went.

The first 30 minutes I ran with my sweatshirt on. Once I hit 30 minutes, while still running, I took it off so I just had my sleeveless workout top on. That made a HUGE difference and re-energized me to keep going. Towards the end I bumped up my speed to 5.4. Once I finished my 60 minutes, I did a "cool down" keeping my speed at 4.0 or higher. The max "cool down" I could do was 10 minutes- I was trying to cheat it to get my full distance in without having to start a new program. It didn't work. I got 5.89 miles in before I had to start over.

I still had 30 minutes before CX began so I set my treadmill onto the "fat burn" mode and off I went. With fat burn, it only allows you a certain heart rate and will adjust your speed to get the correct rate. Well, it took me, in total, 75 minutes to get my 10k done. I would have been able to do it faster, but the cool down and fat burn session slowed me some. All in all though I was very happy that I could actually run the distance!

After I was done with the fat burn session, I got in another mile+, so in total, I did 6.89 miles (probably a little closer to 7 miles).

CX was good. We did 4 new tracks from the new release. My butt was burning after the run LOL.

In total at the gym, I burned 1255 calories.

This morning I did the P90X core workout. Ugh. It is an awesome workout but after doing my core so much this week, I was really feeling it. Tonight because of that, I am going to skip CX after Zumba. Anyways, this morning I burned 442 calories. Not bad!

Now-my next issue. Sleeplessness.

Seriously- Does anyone else have problems sleeping AFTER weight loss????
We have a very firm mattress and I loved it when we bought it. Now I wonder if that is hurting my joints because my fluff is gone and I am not getting the support anymore.

Thank goodness I have a spare down comforter. I just put it into the dryer to fluff it. I am going to fold it in half and put it under my mattress pad cover to see if that helps at all. Aaron still sleeps good on his side so we really don't need a new mattress.

I am hoping the kids take a good nap today so I can eat lunch then get a nap myself before heading to the gym at 4. We will see!

Tip of the day- I actually have two of them!

1. Fill a huge pitcher full of about 85 oz of water and keep it in the fridge. Drink from that
throughout the day. By the end of the day, it should be empty. This is an easy way to make sure you are drinking enough water.

2. With Superbowl this weekend, I wanted to post this. I found it on Pinterest yesterday and just had to share!!


  1. Could the sleeplessness come from working out too close to bed time? That could be one reason. I also have bones touching bones that never did before, making sleep a little uncomfortable. I sleep with a nest of like 6 pillows and I usually tuck my thick, fluffy blanket between my knees to get more comfortable. I really just need to get a really good body pillow! Maybe you need one too! They make one that is like a 'j.' It is a head pillow connected to a body pillow that tucks in all the right areas.

  2. I have no problems falling all...and I sleep with an extra pillow next to me to hug or throw between my legs... I really think I just have a firm mattress that didnt affect me before. My hip bones now just dig into the mattress and it hurts!
    I put the down comforter on my side of the bed for tonight. We will see if that helps cushion at all.