Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Still under the weather...

Unfortunately, not much to report today. I am still under the weather.

I have an awesome husband who came home early yesterday and let me go upstairs to sleep. I slept til nearly 8pm then came down and had some food. I was still tired so about 9pm I went upstairs, and read for about 45 minutes before calling it a night.

I have still been trying to eat really well. And I didn't gain or lose yesterday so I am happy.

Howevery, I am not happy that once again, the gym and P90X have to wait. BUT I am hoping to be recovered by this weekend. Besides shopping for wedding things with my mom and sister, my mom is going to the symphony Saturday night SO that gives me the perfect excuse to try to run a half marathon on her treadmill. It will just be me visiting, not my husband and kids, so I will have no distractions.

This morning I had a green smoothie for breakfast and will be drinking hot tea with honey all day. I was supposed to start the flat belly cleanse again today but decided to wait until I could exercise along with it.

Anyways, because bananas are a staple in my smoothie, I thought I would share some banana recipes and facts...

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  1. I think rest probably is the best medicine. Do you think it's the flu? Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Dont think it is the flu. I think it is sinus blockage. Nose is stuffed, headache, and tired. Ugh.

  3. NetiPot? I tried it once and felt I was drowning and panicked. Others swear by it. I bet it's in your Dr. Oz post, right?

  4. Did you Google it? It's a saline solution that you rinse your sinuses with. Dr. Oz demonstrated it a long time ago. There's also a squeeze bottle that does the same thing. I got mine free through NeilMed on Facebook.