Tuesday, February 14, 2012

60 Day Challenge

Ok everyone...One reason I started this blog was to keep myself motivated and accountable to whomever decides to read what I write...

So because of that, I am starting a new challenge to keep me on course and I am extending the invite to anyone who wants to join.

To me- the more, the merrier, and it will help us ALL to keep on course.

Here is the Challenge...

I am starting on a 60 Day Beach Body Challenge.

Basically you can do P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Turbofire, etc. and the best part is.....

You can win Money. Thats right folks...Money!

If you are interested in doing the Challenge and trying to win some money, go to: www.beachbodycoach.com/dkeith48 and click on the banner on the lower right hand side.

I did and have already uploaded my photo and measurements.

We are talking about starting this beginning of March, so our results will be considered for the 2012-2013 contest period. Either way, it is a huge win-win.

Now for a little sad news...Yesterday afternoon we lost my husbands grandfather. Gerry had dymensia and was in a nursing home so it was for the very best. Many times he had trouble remembering simple things like how old he was, or who I was, but other times he was sharp as a tack.

Yesterday evening after we all said our final good-byes at the funeral home, we went back to Aarons grandmas house to just spend family time together and to make sure everyone got something to eat.

Aarons Aunt and I picked up Little Ceasars hot and ready pizza, breadsticks and salad.

I will admit...I fell off the wagon and did some (well a lot) of comfort eating. I did eat salad...and a couple breadsticks...and honestly? Three pieces of pizza and a beer. Yes I said three...don't judge...LOL.

I really didn't care last night and I figured that I would just work it off on the elliptical this week.

And surprise, surprise...I only gained one pound. This morning I weighed in at 167. I was very happy with that and I guess it shows that my body is becoming used to this size. That helps me mentally that I can have a whoops day and not blow my weeks worth of work outs.

Ok...now it is time for...(drumroll please)....

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  1. I am so sorry for your family's loss. Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease are so difficult because it's almost a tease where the person you know and love is gone one day, but can seem back to their old selves the next. That can go on for years. A friend of mine is going through this and her dad is so young- 62 and in a nursing home. So sad. How is everybody doing with the news? I pray they're doing ok.

    Good luck with your challenge! I don't have any of those programs, so I won't be able to participate, but I'll live vicariously through you!

  2. I should mention that it is any Beach Body program you can use. Also, if you dont have a program but are interesting in participating, you can click on the link I included above to purchase a Challenge pack. You cant beat the results you get with P90X!

    Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. The family is doing as well as can be expected.