Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Happy Day!

Yesterday was my Extreme Tuesday.

Plyometrics came first at home and I burned 510 calories.

Then last night came the gym. 25 minutes on the ARC, CX, Body Flow then RPM. I am totally hooked on RPM but more about that in a few.

Get this...last night at the gym...I burned 1281 calories!!
Total for the day: 1791 calories. I was very happy with that number.

I was even happier with that number when I woke up this morning and got on the scale. And the number staring back at me was 160 lbs. Yes folks. You read that right. 3.5 lb loss since yesterday! Holy crap!

I must have sweated out the sugar and stress that had me retaining weight. I really shook that monkey off my least for now.

Now back to RPM. I LOVE it. It takes a lot to get me sore and that class guarantees sore legs the next day. In fact, I am thinking about switching up my exercise routine again. Constantly changing arent I? I am trying to keep my body confused.

Because I gave up Body Pump on Thurs, I looked at the new gym schedule to see if Thurs held an AM RPM class. It does. HOWEVER it is at 6:15. And I have to get there about 45 minutes before class starts to sign up. And my drive to the gym is about 15-20 minutes. Ugh. So instead, I may be doing the late evening RPM class at 8pm.

The reason for picking up another RPM class is a very simple one. My upper body is getting into great shape but the majority of my weight is still in my lower half. My cousin told me that RPM and spinning in general give you great results in your legs which is something I really want to achieve before my sisters wedding in July and well before swimsuit season too.

So Thursday workouts will now be P90X yoga with ARC and RPM in the evening. Whew.

Then my husband was looking at the gym schedule for today and said the class that looks really fun is kickboxing and why don't I go to that one? Well why not? My cousin goes to that class tonight, so I texted her to find out about it. She said it is awesome cardio and I will need 2 towels to wipe up all my sweat. LOL. Sign me up. I am all about a new class. She also said that I need to get there really early to sign up for the class because it fills up within 10 minutes. You are allowed to sign up a max of 45 minutes before class and they only have so many spots available.

I totally cant wait to see how many calories I burn in this class.

This morning I already completed my P90X Chest, shoulders and triceps and Ab Ripper. Oh buddy. Feel the burn. So far, 477 calories gone. Wee haw.

Onward and Downward to the 150's (hopefully tomorrow)!!

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  1. IMPRESSIVE! Kickboxing is offered at my son's karate dojo, but I can't afford (especially now!!) to add that to our expenses. My gym only has equipment, no classes. There's a Lucille Roberts in town also, but I did that once, a long time ago, and wasn't that thrilled with it. Gotta get some good use out of all of the fitness crap that I've accumulated at home!!

    1. I understand needing to use the stuff that gets accumulated. Fortunately for me, I think my only fitness things that arent getting used right now are my Wii zumba, and Wii fit. My zumba dvds are loaned out and I am using my weights, P90X and elliptical. Luckily (or not) I have not collected much over the the last couple years.

  2. Way to go!!!! I'm so proud of you! I'm thinking I'd love to try spinning... I wonder if that would be less pain for me than walking/running...

  3. Dont know. My legs are SO sore today...and when you start, the little seats really hurt the butt. It all depends how much resistance you put on the bike. It would definitely be worth a shot for you to try!

    1. I can't wait to hear about that class! That weight loss is insane, holy calories go chickadee! Kickin' ass and takin names!

    2. Thanks chickie! Getting ready to write up my latest blog now!!