Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday recap

Yesterday was a lot of fun!

My mother in law and I did the P90X yoga while the boys napped. It was a good workout- I pushed further than I had previously and was really sore last night. I ended up burning 407 calories.

We made Clean soft pretzels- they were really yummy!

Aaron also made the Clean bbq sauce for our wings as I made the salsa, guacamole, tortilla chips, etc before the game.

We had a lot of fun during the game. All of the food was a big hit and we ate a ton! I didn't feel guilty at all because all of it (except some regular chips and rice krispie treats) was clean. I stayed away from the chips, but had one rice krispie treat. I even had one beer and one small glass of white wine.

This morning I was VERY surprised when I got on the scale and had lost 2 lbs from yesterday. Ha! Guess that shows how good the clean food is for you.

On the bad note, last night I felt like I was starting to come down with a cold. My throat was a little sore and my nose had started to get plugged. I drank some Airborne vitamin C drink and then had a zycam later.

Last night I awoke at 3am to swollen lymph nodes in my neck and a running nose. UGH. I knew I was getting a cold. After 3 am I did not sleep much. Just couldn't get comfy.

So this morning I am having some tea with honey, I just had my zycam and will be having an Airborne in a bit. I will not be making it to the gym this morning but am hoping I feel up to round 2 of P90X tonight.

I cant afford to be sick. As my husband always teases me " You need to take control of my body". LOL. Missing the gym today isn't a biggie because I do CX 4 times a week, but tomorrow is CX, Body Flow, followed by the new RPM class. I really don't want to miss the gym tomorrow.

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  1. Those are great visuals for the difference between 5 pounds of fat and muscle. Hope you feel better! Maybe you need to rest some!

  2. I do need rest. The non-sleep is getting to me. Today when the boys nap, I will be resting too.