Friday, February 10, 2012

On the Mend

I am feeling So much better today!

My eyes are almost white and they did not glue together last night while I slept. So I think that means I am no longer pink eye contagious.

My head is still cloudy but I know that is mostly from my ear drums being ruptured. My nose is draining nicely...LOL.

Next week I will be driving an hour to go to my doctor. We moved this past summer and I havent found one out here yet. Go figure.

But I want to have my ears looked at and make sure they dont get infected and that they will heal with little problems. I also will be taking it easy with the exercising until I talk to her about what I can and cant be doing with ruptured ear drums. I definitely do not want to lose my hearing.

Because I am not contagious, I will be heading north to go do bridal stuff with my mom and sister. Woo hoo! I will probably be leaving tomorrow just to make sure I get another full round of meds in my system but we will see.

I will probably keep with my original notion of going on my moms treadmill tomorrow night because I am dying to start exercising again, but I will only be walking. From what I read online, exercise should be light and your head should not go below your heart to avoid excess pressure. Originally I thought of doing yoga, but some poses would be a problem so I think walking would be the best way to start out.

If anyone else has experience with ruptured ear drums, please drop me an email or a comment. I am floundering here because I have no experience with this.

Ok short and sweet today because there isnt much to talk about...LOL.

Tip of the Day: I love this tip!


  1. I like the polish tip! Great idea! Glad you're feeling better and that your plans didn't have to be put on hold. Have a fun time this weekend!

  2. Thanks so much! I will try to get pictures of the dresses that I try on (for fun) and post them on here next week.

  3. I love the pics you pick to post! And great tip about the nail polish!!!!

    OH! And I can't wait to see what dresses you tried on!