Saturday, February 16, 2013

Full Disclosure

So do you all remember my picture of my bikini?

Ya know... The hot pink one that I have on a hanger and it is hanging on a cabinet in my kitchen?

The one that I bought a size too small?


I thought that I would do a full disclosure here and take a picture of me in it so we can compare progress.

I mean I still have like 3-4 months until summer right?

Keep my eye on the prize.

Besides if I show you it will help keep me on track to look BETTER in it.

Here is the reminder of the swimsuit. My itty bitty bikini. Something I never thought I would wear in a million gagillion years back in 2010...heck...even 2011 after I had lost 100 lbs!

I love the color....Pink. Something I never, ever would have been caught dead wearing before.


Gimmie pink.

Anything ya got.

Pink shoes...

pink watch...

pink shirt....

Ok, ok ok.... Am I killing you yet???

Here is what I currently look like in my swimsuit....drum roll here....

 My tummy hangs over a little bit. Not as bad as when I bought it. My top fits great. Lower body is a work in progress LOL.

I also still have those weird saddle bags on the sides of my legs.


When will those things GO AWAY!!

But as I said before...

Work in progress...

3-4 months....

If I did it with my dress from my sisters wedding, I can surely do it with a damn bikini. Who is with me on that one? And if I keep working the way I have been, I will be interested to see what it looks like in a month. I mean heck. March I start working with Eric 3 days a week!
So back to what I did Friday.

I did two On Demand kickboxing exercises. One was 45 minutes in which I skipped the cool down for. And then I started up a 34 minute one. In 1:17 I managed to burn 667 calories all the while refereeing my two kids. Ugh. Landry was just TIRED. The kid was up before 6am again and then didnt go back to bed. So he was crying if you LOOKED at him wrong. LOL.

Then I hit the gym that evening.

Running and Zumba. Woot!

Well not actually running. I ran 5.5 mph for the first mile. After that I kicked it back to 4.3 mph and a 5.0 incline. And I really dont remember how many miles I did. I did at least 3 in total BUT I was talking with y friend and then it was time for Zumba so I hit the stop button and went. Oh well. I will just record 3 miles.

Zumba for me last night wasnt as high of cardio as normal. It didnt feel like I was taking it easy but my heart rate wasnt getting up there like normal. Then again maybe I was taking it a bit easier than normal. At that point I had burned the 600 from that morning and then over 400 walking so maybe my body was telling me to slow down. Who knows.

In the end I burned 981 calories at the gym. A total of 1648 calories burned exercising.

When I got home I had my clementine, string cheese, and some pretzels and hummus for dinner. I had a nibble or two (well maybe three or four) of homemade mac and cheese. 

Then Aaron and I started watching Skyfall. I LOVE this movie but I couldnt help but start to fall asleep. I was exhausted!

So Aaron and I went up to bed before 10. 

This morning I am up early to head to my sisters. 

I was greeted with a pleasant surprise. 154.0!! I hit my GOAL!!! Woot! Now to not F it up this weekend huh? food will be the biggest wonder over the weekend. Because of that, I am packing a few things to help keep me on track. My peanut butter, clementines, cheese sticks and english muffins. My staples.I am sure my mom will have some sort of veggies (celery or otherwise) at her house. If not, I can run to Meijer. 

Tonight I will be running as well. On my parents treadmill. Hopefully this time it doesnt shut off after 4 miles. UGH!

Tomorrow afternoon I will be back home so it will be back to normal for me. Probably some elliptical tomorrow night.

Thats the exciting news for now folks. Enjoy your weekend. Monday I will post my new hair style!

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  1. I think you did amazing at the gym! You are rocking that pink bikini. I love that you put it in the kitchen to remind yourself. I used to put my before photos on my fridge :). I should do that again.

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  2. I could only do a bikini after a tummy tuck. My stomach is just too far gone. It's where I carried a lot of my weight. It is what it is.

    I can't wait to see the style and color you picked!!!

  3. That's a great idea to keep track of your progress and is very motivational too. You want to fit perfectly in that pink bikini? Work for it! I'm glad to see you achieving the results that you want and seeing you happy with them. You're right; losing weight should be a work in progress so never stop. Remember to keep everything balanced.

    Derrick Washington @Personal Training Hudson