Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Monday Updates

Thank you for all the congratulations on the Zumba job. I will be feeling better once he calls to say we can start.

Onto my yesterday recap.

Yesterday I ended up shoveling snow three times. The first two times was light fluffy snow and I just really wanted to keep ahead of major snow fall totals. It was about an 1", or just over, each time and I shoveled 45 minutes the first two times.

The third time the snow was getting heavier and where there was no ice on the driveway and sidewalks the snow was melted. That time I ended up shoveling for 30 minutes but I worked away at getting the ice off the driveway where the tire treads had gone over the snow and packed it down. I probably burned more calories that time even though I did it for less time.

I had no idea how many calories I burned because I didnt wear my HRM. I mentioned on MyFitnessPal that I had shoveled and someone told me that there was a calorie burn under cardiovascular! So all I had to do was plug in my minutes. I plugged in 80 minutes (even though I did more) and it said that I burned 598 calories. I think that is way high for what I actually did but I knew I would be working out later that night anyways.

I stayed on track with my eating yesterday. No binges or unplanned snacks.

Last night I ran 3.1 miles at 6.1 mph. Then I cut it back to 4.0 mph to walk til 4 miles.

Then I did leg presses, alternating step ups onto a bench, and mountain climbers for the first circuit.

Second circuit I did the glute machine and the abductor machine. Someone was using the adductor machine. So I did two circuits with the glues and abductors when adductors opened up. Then I did one time adductor and one time glute before switching to adductor and abductor to finish up three sets of each.

Then I moved to kettlebells. I did the pelvic thrusts with kettlebells. Then I did thrusts tossing the kettlebell up, catching and then going into a squat. Then I used a medicine ball for ab work. And I used the BOSU ball for balancing squats. And finally I finished up with Turkish Get Ups. I only did one set of those, 6 on a side.

Then I went back to the treadmill to walk out the legs. I did one mile at 4.2mph and then another half at 3.8.

In total I burned 1023 calories.

Eric messaged me last night saying he was glad I was gung ho but he was concerned I was over training. LOL. I told him that I do about half of what I used to do back when I was doing P90X too but that I was getting much better results now. That I was sticking with what we were doing- my 45 min warm up and then 30 minutes of weight. I also let him know that this weekend was an anomaly. Saturday was Maggie and I practicing for Sunday and well, Sunday was Super Bowl. I had no idea how many push ups and sit ups I would have ended up doing that day.

He thinks that I should be able to work out 45 minutes a day and be good. That 2 hours a day, 6 days a week, just isnt sustainable for the rest of my life. Frankly, I agree with him.

I told him that once we go to 3 days a week for weight training, that I should be able to cut back on the major cardio because the muscle will help burn the fat and calories more efficiently. He agreed.

He said he would be back next week. Woo hoo! I messaged him saying that I wanted to make sure he spent enough time with his family. We shall see.

So this morning I woke up and weighed 156.5. 3 lbs down from yesterday. I could tell yesterday that I had been retaining a ton of water by how much I was peeing all day. LOL.

Tonight is the elliptical. I am going to mix it up and not go to K's to run on her treadmill. I think the non impact will be a good rest for my legs but will still have the resistance. Plus after last night I will definitely need to stretch them out. And mixing up the workouts is good to confuse the body.

Today I am taking a little road trip. I am keeping Landry out of school because my errand I have to run is an hour away and will take a couple hours. Then I need to drive an hour back in time to get Xavier from school. So I know fast food will be in there somewhere. I went thru MyFitnessPal figuring McDonalds will be where we stop (Landry got some coupons for free things from Grandma and Grandpa for Valentines) and made a pick based on the calories on there.

Breakfast: String Cheese, english muffin with PB, hard boiled egg
Lunch: McDonald's parfait, clementine (when I get home), roast beef (lunchmeat)
Dinner: String cheese and a clementine (post workout)

I also packed some snacks for while we are on the road. I dont think I will eat any of it but I packed them just in case. Some pretzels, crackers and PB (for Landry), chex mix (homemade), water, some suckers, beer bread, and I dont remember what else.

Ok so that is my news for today. Please keep me in your prayers today. Positive vibes would be greatly appreciated!! :) I will let you know tomorrow if I am really super happy or not. Sorry. I just cant get into what it is about. LOL.

Update on Mike and Tina:
Mike will be undergoing a heart cath and biopsy today. His chance of survival from this is 50/50. Please keep him in your prayers as well today. Depending on how he does, he might have to be survival flighted to either a hospital in Grand Rapids or to U of M in Ann Arbor. Personally I am hoping for U of M. I know the survival people there and I trust them. This is what they do. Mike will probably need to go on the transplant list if they determine from the biopsy that medicine wont help.

She just posted that it is "go time" and that it can take up to 2 hours to complete. As I write this it is 7:12 am.

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  1. I will be thinking and praying all day. My sister's f-i-l had some virus when he was young that eventually took it's toll on his heart. He was gravely ill. He wound up on the heart transplant list. This was over a decade ago. He's now 81 and thriving. And guess what? His name is Mike!

  2. I will pray every moment for you honey. I should sooo try Zumba on the Wii, shouldn't I? I bet I'd like it.

  3. I hope everything goes well with the surgery.

    You are amazing with your workouts. Shoveling snow is hard work!