Wednesday, February 27, 2013

About 90% Decided

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday to you all!

Did you all get slammed with snow? We did. Snow day today...which I figured.

Well here is how my day went yesterday...

Dropped the boys off at school then headed into the gym.

I started the treadmill off at 6.5 and actually had to double check it because it seemed so easy. Then I bumped it up to 6.8 and then up into 7.2mph. I was running at that for a while and bumped it up to 8.2 when BAM! My fricken hand hit the stop button. FUDGE!! At that point I was still running at 8.2 and trying to get in under 17 minutes for 2 miles. 1.83 miles in 15:54...UGH!

So I restarted the treadmill but you know how it takes a few seconds for it to amp up. Well I ended up completing the remaining .17 miles in 1:20. Damn it.

After that I walked about 4.2 mph at an incline of 5.0. I did 1 mile total that round so I did a total of 2.83 miles.

Then it was time to work with Eric. Today we focused on technique for the lower body and really focusing on holding in the abs and tightening the core. We did squats, upright leg press, step ups and dead lifts.

For an hour at the gym I burned 612 calories.

Then the storm hit while I was in Meijer with the boys after school. My MIL was not able to get a flight out of Florida until pm so that meant no Red Robin. Fine by me. So instead for dinner I had a clementine and cheese stick. Like normal. LOL. But other than that, my eating was just fine from what I had originally planned.

And I didnt end up doing the 15 minute Insanity either. My legs are a bit sore so I decided to just take it easy. Really I just was VERY concerned that Aaron had to go pick up his mom at the airport and that he had to drive in this crappy weather that I couldnt think about exercising. UGH. We only got about 1" of heavy wet snow before it stopped before he left but it still was very unnerving for me to let him go get her.

He was fine. Did 40mph on the highway. Tons of people in the ditches but probably those were the dumbasses that passed him doing 60.

This morning I woke up at 155.0. Woo hoo! I am doing good! But I also woke up with pink eye in my left eye. My eyelid is all swollen too. Damn it. Luckily I have some eye drops for it.

I decided that I am going to make up one workout session with Eric tonight at the gym. We are going to combine back and chest and then on Thursday focus on legs again. We went sort of light today so Thursday we will hit the legs hard core. Should be fun. As long as the power at the gym comes back on...once again...DAMN IT!

But before that, I am going to start working on new Zumba routines. I got my new dvd and music and the music this month ROCKS! There is an awesome remake of A-Ha's 80's hit "Take on me" which is one of my FAVORITE 80's songs. Cant wait to check it out.

And my grocery savings yesterday...

First I went to Busch's on the way back from the gym.
I bought cream cheese, kraft singles (2 because they were $2 off each), plain bagels (2 packs), Sabra Hummus (2 packs), Semi Sweet chocolate chips (2 bags), Maple syrup, and Kopplingers bread (3 loaves). Everything was on sale that I bought. I spent $39.79 and saved $16.89. Not bad.

Then I went to Meijer after getting Xavier from school...this list is longer...
Bananas, 3 bunches green onions, 4 cans tuna, 1 free can of tuna (because I bought mayo), quick oats, wheat thins, dark chocolate covered acai berries (these are AWESOME!), Tyson popcorn chicken, 2 packs of oreo cookies, 1 box of yogurt grahamfuls, mayo, tyson bacon, my Krema Peanut Butter, a 3 lb bag of clementines, cat litter, 2 rolls of Bob Evans sausage, 2 packs of Fruitable juice boxes, a big bag of string cheese, 3 containers of Grands Biscuits, 6 boxes of mac and cheese, 11 individual LaraBars (they were surprisingly on sale 10 for 10, 1th for free), 4 packs of toilet paper (4 rolls a pack), 1 bag of organic carrots, 2 boxes of kleenex, 3 bottles of Meijer brand Ranch dressing, 2 bottles of Meijer ketchup, 5 boxes of sandwich bags, 4 packs of english muffins, 4 frozen cans of orange juice concentrate, 2 bottles of wine, 3 bags of frozen steamable veggies, 1 box of Meijer brand of poptarts, 3 containers of strawberries, 1 pillar candle and a bottle of DHA gummie vitamins for the kids.

Everything I bought was on sale or I had a coupon for with the exception of the Tyson popcorn chicken, vitamins, pillar candle, oats, peanut butter, bananas and green onions.

Most of what I bought was the 10 for $10, 11th for free. I was a very happy camper. I ended up spending only $137.58 on all that and saved $64.87 between coupons and in store sales. I was able to stock up on things like ketchup and sandwich bags, ranch, bread etc.

Ok so back to what I am decided about...

I am about 90% decided that I am going to become a Beachbody Coach.
I love a lot of their products. Shakeology first and foremost. Natural, great ingredients that made me feel fabulous!

P90X I of course LOVE. Before I started working with Eric and before the tornado I was doing P90X and getting great results. But after the tornado, I needed a bit of a push and started working with Eric because I decided that I want to get my Personal Training certification. I want to make sure that when I train people, I have proper technique. And of course I love learning new techniques.

And while I may not be doing the program, I still have the discs that I like to pull out to do a certain exercise when I cant make it to the gym. My favorites like Kempo or yoga or core...

Also Beachbody has partnered with Les Mills. Think Body Pump,  Body Combat etc. and you can now have these classes that I LOVE and do at the gym in the comfort of your own home! Love this! And I might get the Body Pump ones for Aaron. I think he would REALLY like them.

Plus I am going to be starting Turbo Jam hopefully next week! It is supposed to be a high cardio dance fest like Zumba. Something great to play with and add onto my Weight lifting days and of course my weekends.

I need something to bring in some extra income for the family. This seems like a natural step. It allows me to be a stay at home mom and gives me the flexible schedule to still do my fitness stuff. Plus hopefully it will help pay for me to get my Personal Trainer Certification. :)

So please, if you would like to learn about some of the programs to switch your routines up in your home, let me know. I have said before that I am not gonna talk Beachbody here all the time but I will let you know of any discounts, specials, etc if I decide to do this. :)

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  1. I LOVE when I have shopping trips like that! Unfortunately, there haven't been very many manufacturer coupons in the Sunday paper, so I have to rely on finding them online and printing them.

  2. Now THAT's how you do grocery shopping!

    Wow-you are so active! Me, I can't get myself down to our makeshift gym in the basement. I'm always making excuses. I am pleased with my eats though.

    Oh, about the vita-mix. It gets getting used to- it's so powerful. I tend to overblend everything! I read one review that said "when you learn to use your vita-mix...." Yup, you have to learn to use the speeds. The blades are not sharp, it's the powerful motor that does the trick. I bought the 5200 model. It came with a "cookbook", a dvd (very helpful) and that's about it. Very basic. I didn't get the dry pitcher thingie...maybe later, but I've read you can do nuts in this one. Well see...I'm not there yet. I'm still trying to figure out how NOT to pulverize my banana to smitherins!!!LOL!!!

    You Rock!