Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ah To Be Well Again...

Well it feels good to be back with the living and blogging and exercising again.

And for my first day back, I would say everything went damn skippy.

Yesterday morning I was on FB and on one of my friends pages they were talking about Insanity. Well back months ago, Shaun T was on Dr. Oz and he did a 15 minute workout routine for his show. Did you know that routine is online?

So I decided to try it. Insanity scares the crap out of me but hey- what doesnt kill you makes you stronger and it is only 15 minutes right?

Well $hit. I mean $HIT! That is no joke! By the end of 15, my legs were burning, my lungs were on fire. I THOUGHT that it was because I was just getting back into working out from having a week off and being sick BUT I told my cousin about it and she did it yesterday as well and proceeded to text me how HER lungs were on fire too. And as the day went on, my legs got more and more sore too which I made sure to warn her about as well.

In the 15 minutes, I burned 192 calories. My max heartrate got up to 170. Again...a no joke workout. If you want to try it, just click here. I dont think I will be buying the Insanity any time soon. If someone wants to loan it to me to review then I will but oh holy cow!

Let me know what you think if you try it!

So yesterday afternoon when I went to pick up Xavier, I started to get nauseous. And I thought- I better not be getting the damn stomach flu. Maggie and I were supposed to practice last night for our class Saturday.

I ate a little something and drank some wheat grass. I cant say that I was feeling 100% when I went to the gym but I wasnt feeling like I was gonna puke anymore.

I ended up setting the treadmill at a nice easy 6.0 mph. I ran that for a mile. After that, I bumped it back down to 4.0 because my mom was texting me pictures of their countertop and flooring choices and I couldnt see running at 6.0 to comment on them. Then I bumped it back up to 6.5 and finally for the very end 8.5. I got two miles done in 20:43. Not horrible for doing some walking in there as well.

Then Maggie and I practiced our Zumba for about an hour. We have a list of the songs we are comfortable with for Saturday and was going over those. We should be just fine.

All in all, time at the gym I burned 695 calories. Not insane but pretty good for not going all out with Zumba.

Eating was right on par too.
I think the only thing that I ate that wasnt on my outline yesterday were some pieces of a baguette from the weekend (I had two with lunch, then finished basically two more pieces after working out), an extra piece of string cheese (I ate one before working out to see if it helped the belly and then another with my clementine after working out) and some jellybeans.

This morning my body told me it was happy with the progress from yesterday by weighing 156.5. Whew. Loved that number I can tell you!

So today is gonna be a little different. My MIL comes back into town and she wants to go to Red Robin for dinner. So I am planning things out.

This morning after I drop the boys at school I am meeting Eric at the gym. First I will run and try to get a good burn. I am hoping to start off at 6.7 mph but we will see. Then lower body with him.

Then I run home in time to get Landry from school and grab us some lunch.

While Landry is napping, I think I "might" try to do the Shaun T thing again. Not sure. Depends how my lower body feels.

Then once I pick Xavier up from school, we have to go grocery shopping.

After that is Red Robin. And here is what I decided I am going to eat...

Breakfast: wheatgrass, coffee, banana, hard boiled egg
Lunch: celery, hummus, roast beef
Snack: Wheatgrass juice and maybe a piece of string cheese...dunno yet. If I am hungry I will have the string cheese, if not, I wont.
Dinner: Red Robin Garden Burger with lettuce bun, no cheese, no sauce but with pickles, tomatoes and onions. No fries but instead will ask for a cantaloupe side. Drink will be water with lemon. That dinner there is 245 calories. Not bad! See it pays to do your research. I pulled the calorie contents using MyFitnessPal in case you were wondering.

Tomorrow be waiting to hear how I do on my grocery shopping extravaganza with my 10 for $10, 11th free!

Tip of the Day: Not really a tip, but more informative....it is all a cycle people

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  1. I told you Insanity kills! I got through the first month and never made it to the even MORE intense 2nd month! The soreness interferes with my running! If I could just get past that 1st week again...