Monday, February 11, 2013

Confession Time

So this weekend I had a really bad weekend eating wise.

I think I binged because of some stress I have been feeling for a friend of mine.

I am not perfect, I dont pretend to be and I am still learning to control my eating issues.

I didnt eat HORRIBLY like pizza and cake or anything...just lots of salty things like tortilla chips. And spinach dip. And hot wings. And of course, some alcohol. :)

And it didnt help that I took a rest day on Saturday. And only did some light upper body and core stuff last night.

BUT I am back on the wagon now.

I am sure much of my weight gain is due to salt and water retention so it is time to sweat it out. Plus with me doing more weight lifting, I expected to see an increase in my weigh anyways. My pants arent tight and my muscles are sore. So I must be doing something right. But I dont like my bloated tummy so it is time for some detoxing.

Weight this morning: 162.5.

So here is my plan of attack.

School was canceled for today. Can you believe it? No snow, just rain. Apparently the dirt roads with the wind we have been having are really icy. I keep forgetting that I live in a rural community! So no need to rush the boys around today.

Aaron is also gone until Thursday afternoon which means no gym for me.

SO! Here is my plan.

Today will be looking at Netflix for a workout routine to do this morning. Do any of you use Netfix for that? I heard there are some decent workout things on there...fill me in! Hmmm...I am on the Netflx website and cant find exercise things with the exception of things like the exorcist. LOL. Maybe it was On Demand that I need to look at. Either way, if you know of some good tv exercise shows, fill me in!! If I cant find anything I might like on there, I will do my 20 minute Zumba dvd and the Zumba abs dvd. I can do those upstairs while watching the kids.

Then this evening after the kids go to bed I will be running on the elliptical. I want to do an hour. After that, I will do a bit of core work and shoulder work (according to the weight lifter routine I talked about last week).

Meal plan for the day is:
Breakfast: string cheese, english muffin with pb, hard boiled egg
Lunch: roast beef, celery, scallions, hummus
Dinner: string cheese and a clementine
Snack: Fuji apple

This weeks meals will be much the same. The workout will vary from day to day though.

For example...Tomorrow.

Eric is talking about coming back. Depending on if he can concentrate today or not at the gym, we are planning on working out tomorrow while the boys are in school. I need to do my legs. Badly! And even if he decided to take a few more days off, I will be hitting the gym while the boys are in school. As long as they have school that is!

Then in the evening I would run on the elliptical again. I will be doing double workouts while Aaron is gone to mix things up a bit and confuse the body. And on top of doing my legs at the gym, I plan on still following my weight routine at home. So tomorrow will be chest and arms in the evening as well.

So that is the news for now. Nothing too exciting for the weekend. Just trying to get myself back on track before it gets too bad. But I know I can do it. It isnt like I went to fluff overnight because of it or anything.

How did you do over the weekend?

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  1. I did A LOT of shoveling and I'm enjoying my sore shoulders and biceps. My kids are home today, too, but since they're older I can leave them to go to the gym. I need to get out of this house!!

    Have a great week!!

    1. We didnt need to shovel a lot here this weekend but I did build a snow fort for the kids outside yesterday (which is now melted by the rain we got last night).

      Have a great week too!!

  2. We ARE twins. Geez. I binged this weekend too but not horribly...just more than I eat on any other day I guess. I'm screwed because tomorrow is weigh in. If I workout too much tonight my weight will go up and if I don't work out then it won't go down. UGH