Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day, Updates and New Goal

Good Friday morning everyone!

First thing..

Today is a snow day. SO I am hoping, if the icy rain quits, to get the kids outside for some snowman making, sledding, and dragging them around on the sled.

Ok onto yesterday.
So I survived. LOL. I made it to the gym in the AM and got 2.6 miles done on the treadmill. I only went 5.8 mph (5.5 was way too slow) because I knew I would be doing a lot that day. Then I had Zumba. Love Zumba. And it was fun to take it with a different instructor. Melissa does a LOT of the old songs that I know from the original dvd's and she even had Maggie and I come up in front of class to do part of one song. Calories burned: 809.

Then that night at the gym I ended up walking another 2 miles but I ranged my speed and incline. Depending on the song, I ranged from 2.0 incline, 4.5 mph all the way to 15 incline, 4.0 mph. Talk about working the butt and legs!

Then I headed to the weights and did more leg lifting. Glutes, quads, inner and outer thighs. My upper body is getting into shape but my lower body is lagging behind. Once I was done, I still had some time to kill so I started taking some pictures of my arms. Arent they looking fabulous?

I still need to work on the triceps. I have loose skin that I am hoping will tighten as I tone up and build muscle.

Then I had RPM. I took it a little easy after all the exercise I had yesterday but it was still a great class. I did have to leave at the beginning of the mountain track to run and pee. All the jumping to climb and bouncing back and forth takes its toll. Calories burned: 858

Total for the day: 1667

For lunch I was ravenous. I am sure it is from the exercising in the morning. For lunch I had my ab juice, celery, tuna (nothing added), and hummus. I did have a snack of some tortilla chips, grain crackers, edemame and some chocolate chips.

Then before I left for the gym I had some nachos I made with left over taco meat and shredded cheese we had. I shouldnt have but I did. And it was yummy.

After I got home from the gym I was starving again.

So I had a clementine, a cheese stick, some scallions, celery, the other half of my can of tuna, hummus, a few of my 5 grain crackers, some edemame and I think that is it. And I was STILL way, way within my calorie allowance for the day.

And my weight today? Up a frickin half pound to 158.0. Oh well. I dont care. I am sure it is because I am sore. My calves are killing me probably from doing the inclines on the treadmill.

And I have decided to make some new goals. I have reached one of my year goals which is to be in a size 6 jeans or 154 lbs. While I havent gotten my weight goal yet, my size 6 jeans are now a little big on me. So I have decided that my new focus will really be on toning the body.

I did message Eric yesterday asking him about how much protein I should be having. On one of my sites on Facebook, a few of the girls are eating 1 g of protein per pound they weigh. That means many of them are taking in over 150 g of protein a day!! That just doesnt seem right to me. So I messaged Eric. I was concerned because I want to really gain muscle that maybe I needed to up my protein. Nope. He said that right now I am fine at my 45g a day. And that once we start working out 3 times a week that I can up it just a bit but not too much.

Too much protein affects your kidneys and can shut them down. Did you know that?

These silly gals have the wrong calculation for how much protein they should be eating. Think about it. Protein is measured in grams. Grams is METRIC. Pounds is not. Which means that you need to convert your weight to METRIC.

At most per day you should be eating 1g of protein per KG of your body weight.

How the heck do you compute that?

Take your weight and divide by 2.2. That is the MOST protein you should be eating a day.

Your welcome!! LOL.

So getting back to my new goals...
I found this yesterday while googling fitness body building and I really want to start training like her to get her body. It even has her work out routine on the site along with what she eats a day.

This is Nicole Wilkins. 2011 Ms. Figure International.

She is built without looking like a man. Of course she is pumped a bit for the competition. I am sure she doesnt look quite like this in real life and I am sure she can put her arms down to her side. LOL. (Aaron was teasing about that this morning when I showed him the picture).

This is what I am going to strive to look like.

Here is her workout schedule (incase you are interested):

Day 1: Shoulders

Day 2: Chest/Arms


Day 3: Legs

Day 4: Back

Day 5: Light Shoulder Circuit

Giant set:

Days 6 and 7: Rest

Nicole incorporated Crossfit into her schedule one time per week and Sanga Vinyasa Yoga one or two times a week.

Pre-contest, cardio begins at 45 minutes, six days a week, and increases to 1½ hour seven days a week.

She does a lot of running and sprinting as well, particularly high-intensity interval training.
Now they also have what she eats a day. I will post that as well. I know they also use a lot of supplements which I will not use, however, once I start really training I will probably get a vegan protein powder to use on my lifting days.

Daily Meal Plan

Meal 1:

Meal 2:

Meal 3:

Meal 4:

Meal 5:

Meal 6:

As the show gets closer, fats and carbs begin to cycle and she adds in salmon and filet. Nicole generally keeps her carbs pretty low the entire prep.

She mixes up her vegetables among broccoli, green beans, peppers, onions, asparagus, cucumbers, etc.
Ok so yes, I may be crazy. We shall see if I can stick with it. But I think it is at least a good goal to try to achieve even if I only do HALF of what she does!!

Onto today...
 Tonight is the gym. I am going to do just a bit of walking and then focus on lifting for my shoulders. I will be getting my cardio during my Zumba class so I will be giving the running a little bit of a break for my legs to recover.

For eating:
Breakfast: lemon water, cheese stick (first thing when I woke up at 6am), oatmeal with cocoa, PB and maple syrup (about 7am)
Snack: almonds
Lunch: roast beef, celery, scallions, hummus and a clementine
Snack: hard boiled egg
Dinner:  Clementine, string cheese, roast beef

I really want to try to space out my meals and add some more snacks in. We shall see how it goes!

This post has turned WAY longer than expected. Thanks for still reading if you have made it this far.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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  1. OMG - who wouldn't want to look like that girl? Although dayum - your arms are amazing! Just so proud of you!

  2. To reiterate what Drazil said, your arms ARE amazing! You should be really proud of how strong you are and look!

  3. Great read...thanks!