Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Constant Reminders

Do you have a vision board that you use? Something to remind you of your goal?

If so, what?

Is it in plain sight for you to see anytime?

I decided that after this weekend I needed SOMETHING.... ANYTHING... to help. That when I was in the kitchen and I went to get some food that I could look at it and ask myself "Do I really need that? Am I really hungry? Or am I just bored?"

So yesterday I decided that I needed a little push in the right direction and clipped my new bikini onto hangers and hung them in my kitchen. You cant miss it! LOL. I didnt hang the new black one... I went with my eye popping pink one:

Excuse the mess under it. Xaviers school work.

Ahem. Anyways...

I hung it on a cabinet that has spices and stuff in it. A cabinet I dont use a lot so I dont need to be moving it all the time. And it is close to the fridge still to look at and remind me.

I also changed the wallpaper of my phone to two shots of me in the bikinis that are too small. I think that is a great constant reminder.

Also if I had computer ink I would print off a picture of Ms. Fitness and add that to my fridge. Ah well, another day.

So how did I do back in the saddle yesterday? Lets see!

Yesterday morning I did a Cardio Kickboxing that was On Demand. It was 25 minutes and my HRM said I burned 222 calories. My HRM is starting to act a little wonky and not pick up my heart rate all the time so I think I need to get a new battery for it. That being said, I know these numbers are not accurate. You will see why in a minute.

Then that afternoon I did Advanced Abs from On Demand. That was 20 minutes and my HRM said I burned 117 calories. Not bad for a lot of floor work. And planks. Ugh.

Then last night after putting the kids to bed I did One Hour Breakdown from On Demand. This works the whole body. It uses light weights (the guy used about 3 lb weights, I used 10's. What a wuss lol) and cardio mixed up with some kickboxing. Expect to do some burpees, push ups, Spiderman crawls, bicep curls, jabs, kicks, tricep kickbacks, lateral moves, etc. It was a good workout. My heart was going....or was it? After an hour my HRM said I only burned 312 calories. Now I know that that was wrong! Weight was heavy which bumps up heart rate and the cardio was no joke.

I liked this workout a lot BUT the guy talks too much and takes too many breathers between exercises. Next time I know to do jumping jacks or something while he talks.

And I like the On Demand workouts. Last night while I was doing it, Landry called me upstairs TWICE. Had I been in the basement, I wouldnt have heard him. It wasnt for anything major but a pain to stop the workout nontheless. I did get to run up and down a flight of stairs a couple times though. LOL.

And I like that the routines are fresh and something I have never done before. I do need to go thru and see what else they offer for free. The One Hour one was under weight loss.

And I ate well too. Breakfast was as I had planned. Cheese stick, english muffin with PB and a hard boiled egg. Lunch was pretty good too. Celery, scallions, hummus, a couple of Xavier's left over wheat thin crackers, some of his lean left over turkey, the rest of the roast beef (a piece and a half of the lunch meat kind) and one slice of fuji apple that Landry didnt finish. Snack was some pretzels, tortilla chips, wasabi edemame, a few chocolate chips and a few jelly beans. Dinner before working out was some more tortilla chips. Thank goodness those are gone now. I couldnt stop eating them! After workout was the rest of the Vegan Thai dish that my friend Ambreen gave me the other night (I added extra chili flakes), a cheese stick and a clementine.

I had planned on running on the elliptical after doing the one hour workout while I watched Biggest Loser but I was exhausted and I know today is going to be a long day too.

This morning I weighed 160.5. So 2 lb loss from yesterday. Headed back into the right direction.

Today here is my plan:

This morning for breakfast I am sitting here having a hard boiled egg and some coffee.
As I am dropping the boys off for school I will eat half of my Apple Pie Lara Bar.

Then I will be headed for the gym. Still not sure if Eric will be there or not but today is a legs day. I will run for 30 minutes on the treadmill and then lift.

Then I will come back, get Landry, get him lunch and to bed for a nap.

Lunch will be celery, scallions, hummus, a half can of tuna and either a clementine or an apple with PB. Not sure which yet.

Dinner will be some Reverse Universe Soup before working out.
After working out will be a clementine and some string cheese.

My evening workout will be on the elliptical or kickboxing. Not sure why I am just not feeling the elliptical lately. I think I just want to mix it up some. Plus with the kickboxing, I can do that in my living room and listen for the boys if need be.

So that was my successful Monday back at it. Hopefully Tuesday brings some successes as well!!

Tip of the Day: I have some of this in my fridge right now!

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  1. I have a vision board in my room and I love it. I like your bikini idea.