Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oh Yeah Baby! Momma's Back!


And that isnt a Grrrr of frustration....

That is a Grrrr.....of watch out bitches...

Im back!!


Yesterday was a GREAT day. I cant say that enough.

I got to the gym and I decided to run on the treadmill for a warmup. One of my goals was to be able to run 6.5 mph for a good distance or at least ten minutes. Well I did the distance part the other day of making it a mile. Yesterday I set that badboy at 6.5 and just went with it. I actually even towards the end of my run bumped it up to 7.0, then to 7.5 and finally 8.1 to finish out my run. I ended up running two miles in 18:11!!
Next goal is to be able to finish a 5k with that speed. I stopped the machine and snapped a picture (to remind me later of my time) and then restarted the machine up at a 4.5 walking pace and an incline of 4.5. I did another half mile.

Then I decided to stretch out on the Precor lower body thing they have specifically for stretching out the lower body.

And Eric showed up. He really surprised me! I didnt think he was going to be back yet. A double awesome for me.

So yesterday we focused on not weight but reps with no rest between moves and he gathered up his weapons of mass torture.

First circuit was squats. Each side of the bar was loaded up with 15 lbs and the bar is 45. So 75 lb squats. No problem. 20 reps. He showed me how to really tuck the stomach in and hold it to give me more power. From there I used the medium box and had 20 lb dumbbells in each hand and did alternating step ups. I think I did 16 or so of those... From there it was to the floor for a stability ball move. You lie on the ground with the ball under your feet in a reverse plank butt off the ground. Then using your legs you roll your feet in while raising your hips. OMG. This move works your core, stability and calves. Mommy likey! And I can do that move at home because I have a stability ball.

After those three moves were done with no rest and then once completed Eric gave me one minute of rest and then we repeated that circuit the same way twice with another rest in between.

Next circuit was deadlifts. Same weight as the squats focusing on pulling my shoulders back and not arching my back. 20 reps. Then we had reverse lunges using the 20 lb dumbbells. Not sure how many...1-20 somewhere in there. And then back to the floor for frozen pike situps. If you know what a pike is, then imagine going up into a pike and holding each one for 10 seconds. Oh yeah! Eric showed me how to lift my chest up and out to use more abdominal muscles then if my back was slightly arched. Then was one minute rest. We repeated that two more times but this time between circuit two and three we had no break. Done!

I had talked to Eric about wanting to take my weights to the next level. To basically act like I was training for Ms. Fitness competition. That I dont want to look like a man but I do want to focus on muscles and tone. He is on the same page. Beginning of March we are going to go to 3 days a week of lifting. The two days will be like normal. Legs then Upper Body. Day 3 we are going to focus on my shoulders. We cant do heavy extreme things with my shoulders when they still arent 100% so rather than wasting (well not really wasting) a session out of our two we will add them in the third day. That way I can still train really hard the rest of my body.

After that I was going to walk on the treadmill to stretch out but it was getting close for me to have to leave to get Landry from school so I decided not to. All in all yesterday at the gym I burned 703 calories. Not bad for a morning workout!!

Then in the evening I did another 30 minute On Demand Advanced Cardio Kickboxing session. These arent so much about kickboxing as it has a ton of lunges, jumping jacks, speedbag and squat work in them but it was great for getting my heart rate up. Calories burned 243. Again, not sure how accurate the readings are but this time seemed more realistic and I didnt notice blips with it like I had been.

And I did really well with eating. No unplanned snacking or anything. I think the only thing that I ate that I hadnt planned on was an extra hard boiled egg as a snack yesterday because I boiled some and one cracked badly and partially spilled out into the water, and some roast beef after I worked out for dinner. No sugar. No chips. No salt.

I even went grocery shopping yesterday and didnt buy my FAVORITE chips that were on sale for buy one get one free because I knew I wouldnt have the willpower with them in the house.

This morning I was rewarded with the scale saying 158.0. That made me feel really good. Moving back in the right direction.

So today will be some more On Demand stuff. I think this time I may try some of their dance stuff. If I dont like it I can always go back to more kickboxing.

I plan on doing an AM workout session and a PM one again. Tonight after my cardio On Demand (I want to make sure that the kids stay in bed) upstairs, I will head to the basement to do some elliptical. I need to get my mileage up for the month.

As for eating, this is what my diary looks like today:
Breakfast: Hard boiled egg and coffee upon waking, english muffin with PB right before working out
Lunch: tuna, scallions, celery and hummus
Snack: Fuji apple with peanut butter
Dinner: roast beef, cheese stick, clementine after working out

That is my news for the day. Aaron is out in Wisconsin for training for work with a client and a supplier. The suppliers factory is located there. I guess today they are talking about going out ice fishing. LOL. I laugh because these guys ice fish in their underwear. Talk about the suppliers getting close with their clients! LOL. They sit in a warm shanty on the ice, I am SURE with beer, and fish. These Wisconsin guys remind me of the Youpers here in Michigan. If you dont know what a Youper is, it is someone from the Upper Penninsula or UP.

And finally I want to update you on Tina and Mike. Mike is home from the hospital with a shock jacket on. If his heart gets out of sync, the jacket sends a shock to it to get the rhythm back. He has had to leave his job and pack his tools. Tina said that he seems a bit depressed right now which is understandable suddenly needing a heart transplant at the age of (I think) 31. The kids are wondering where their daddy went and Tina is having to pick up and basically be a single mom because Mike has no energy and cant really function right now as he is processing all this. So really positive yet negative (understandably) at the same time. Please continue to say prayers for them.

Ok that is all for me today. Have a great day everyone!

Tip of the Day: I will be getting me some wheatgrass for my drinks!


  1. Nice speedwork! That is EXACTLY why I love the treadmill. All you have to do is push the button and you HAVE to keep up with the machine. Running outside makes it very easy to allow yourself to hold back or stop short of your goals.

  2. I will continue to pray. Wisconsin people ROCK - just sayin. LOL Holy crap - 8.1. My short legs won't go that fast. You are seriously kicking ass.