Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Time To Talk....Enter the Dragon!

Ok peeps.

Maybe it is the sassy new haircut, but my dad was telling me about something this weekend that made me EXTREMELY riled up and a bit pissed off.

Now I know people who have had gastric sleeve, lap band, gastric bi-pass etc BUT did you know that there is now a procedure in Europe where a port is inserted into your stomach and 20 minutes after you eat you hook up an external pump and PUMP the food out that you ate? Seriously!

Now I have the upmost respect for those who went thru gastric surgeries. It is a major thing to have to do. Your life is at risk to undergo these major surgeries. Many times it is a last ditch effort to keep yourself alive!! But really isnt this pump just a form of bulimia without the throwing up? You can eat ANYTHING you want. Cheeseburgers, pizza, ice cream, cake...etc. Then poof! You just pump out 20-30% of what you ate and lose weight.

I know that people who have surgeries cant eat certain things. Or very much of ANYTHING. Their stomach is reduced. I know a smidge about this because my grandpa had esophagus cancer and his stomach is now his esophagus. Because of that he cant eat things like berries with seeds or chocolate because these things need to digest on the way down to the stomach. Its interesting but similar (obviously not exact) to what weight loss surgeries do or what you need to expect from it.

But this is supposed to be cheaper and less evasive than the surgeries. And of course (once again) you can eat whatever the hell you want.

Who wouldnt like that?

But I dont see this as being successful long term. Do you?
Check out the story here. I suggest watching the news story too and not just read the article.

I bring this up not to attack people who are looking to lose weight, TRULY lose weight, BUT if you dont want to change...I hate to tell ya...remove that port and your weight loss aint gonna last. It is kind of like looking for a magic pill (more about that "pill" later).

It made me really angry when my dad told me about this. Do you know how HARD I worked to lose this weight? The hours I worked out? The food I "gave up"? Dont you think I would have LOVED to be able to eat whatever I wanted and lose weight? Of course you do! Many of you are/or have been there yourself!!

To think that this world has come to a point where bariatric surgery was too hard. To diet and exercise was too hard. That us as humans are too lazy to workout, count calories, and watch what we eat...its just insane. I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around it.

And what is to stop someone from saying that they need to lose 10 lbs from doing this surgery? Or from pumping too much? Isnt this one small step from pushing yourself (or pumping yourself) into anorexia or bulimia without the acid erosion and teeth issues? 

Even Maggie and her husband had an experience this weekend while at GNC. This is what she had to say yesterday...

"Yesterday (my husband) and I were at GNC and there was a chick there who was looking for something to make her butt bigger. We both blurted out...squats! She didn't like that answer and made the only guy working there call corporate to ask them if there was an ass growing supplement. I'm completely serious. When we all told her you have to do squats, lunges etc, her response was " Oh, I have to work for it?" and she left. Guess what lazy flat- ass girl....yes, you do! Either that or get butt implants. But I'd rather take the hard work, the results are that much sweeter"

What is this world headed to? 

Are we that much of an instant gratification society now that you cant get your ass to the gym for 30 minutes a day? FUCK! 

Sorry. If you cant tell this really makes me angry. Time to sound off...the good, the bad. Give it to me. Lets get some conversation going here!! You all have to have SOME sort of opinion on this!!

And because this is such a hot button topic for me, I will be doing a separate post with what my workout stuff was yesterday. This needs to be kept separate.

Lets open the floodgates.

Time to talk.


  1. I did see that and I was just dumb-founded. How absolutely disgusting, first of all, and I KNOW there are going to be many issues and complications stemming from this. I'm sure people will become overzealous and pump too much, not to mention all of the infections they'll be inviting into their system. The Europeans are advanced in some aspects of medicine, approving cancer-fighting drugs years before the USDA, but this, this is ridiculous.

    1. THANK YOU! I thought this was going extreme. I mean the lap band and gastric is extreme in and of itself but this takes THAT to an entirely different level of insanity!

  2. I saw this too. I think it's really bad. And disgusting on top of that. I did have weightloss surgery, I had lapband surgery back in October. Although the band helps with portion control I still have to monitor what I eat and work my ass off with exercise to lose weight. You can gain weight with the band too. I keep a food log and count calories amoung other things. And I too can eat whatever I want. But I choose not to eat ice cream and crap everyday. And I find exercising rewarding and energizing. I would never do this pump thing. Ewww...

    1. I am SO glad that you left a message regarding this. I was wondering if I was being over critical about this or not. And also it was great to hear what someone thought about this procedure who HAD the lapband surgery done! Thank you, Thank you for leaving a comment!