Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pray for me!

So last night was Zumba.

But before that I did sprints for 3 miles ranging in speed from 5.5-7.8 mph. I had to stop at one point to stand in line to sign up for Zumba so my time was off, but it said that I did my three miles in 32 minutes. Actually it was probably 28-29 minutes. Instead of pausing the machine and loosing my running time, I took the machine down to 0.5mph and let it run.

I was in line at 4:44 to sign up for Zumba (sheet comes out at 4:45) and I was #13 in line. Class only holds 20. That means class filled up 2 minutes after the sheet came out! Insane!

Once I finished up my 3 miles, I went and worked on some chest and triceps. Wood choppers, rows, tricep pulls, chest presses, chin ups, and weighted sit ups.

Then I had Zumba. Rocking class but I hate, hate, hate when people sneak in. I think we had 2-3 people sneak in without having a number. While I understand if you are a regular and you dont get a number you get tempted to come in, it makes it hard for the rest of us to move.

Calories burned at the gym: 1258

So last night I ended up getting Chinese for Aaron and I after the gym. It has been forever since I had some General Tso's chicken and I ordered it uber spicy. Yeah right. It wasnt. So I added a ton of red pepper flake to mine. It was a huge portion and Aaron had some too and I still have half of it left.

I also had a mixed drink last night. Orange juice, pineapple juice, blue curacao, and whipped cream vodka. So yummy! I only had one drink so that was good.

But it didnt surprise me to be 156.5 today. No biggie. I didnt gain 2 lbs of fat overnight.

Here is the meal plan for today:
Breakfast: Oatmeal with PB, cocoa, and real maple syrup, and a hard boiled egg
Lunch: clementine, english muffin with PB
Dinner: cheese stick, glass of OJ

Today Aaron and I are taking Landry sledding while Xavier is at swim class. Then I plan on shoveling snow. Tonight I plan on running on the elliptical for an hour.

Now for the reason to pray for me...

Tomorrow I have another interview for a Zumba position. Different gym than before. This one my instructor knows the owners of. So say some prayers. He wants morning instructors and weekend instructors. Perfect for me especially if they have daycare. So keep your fingers crossed!

I will be sure to post how it went tomorrow afternoon. So just incase you dont hear anything from me right away tomorrow morning, that is why.

Then we will be going to Aaron's grandmas house tomorrow for dinner. I will be making Tortilla Soup from the Happy Herbivore cookbook. Yummy!!

Ok so that is all for today. Have a great Saturday everyone!

Tip of the Day: Snacks for Superbowl!!


  1. Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to hear how it went!

  2. Good Luck!! It sounds perfect for your schedule :)