Monday, February 25, 2013

Back to Business


I'm Back!

Did anyone miss me? LOL.

And why do I hear crickets chirping...hmmm...


Not much to report from this past week. With being sick I couldnt exercise at all. I just took it easy.

I did gain some weight. Back up to 160.0 but I know that is because I couldnt exercise.

Thats ok. It will come back off.

I was supposed to meet Maggie yesterday to practice Zumba because we have our first class this Saturday but with the sickness at our homes, we decided to wait until today.

So this morning I plan on doing some cardio kickboxing on demand. Then tonight will be running and Zumba practice. It is nice. I dont have to be anywhere in particular tonight so once Maggie and I are done, I can run more.

Eating will be as follows:
Breakfast: wheatgrass, hard boiled egg, english muffin with PB
Lunch: scallions, celery, hummus, roast beef
Snack: wheatgrass, apple (not sure if I will have enough PB left!)
Dinner: cheese stick, roast beef and clementine

I really have to go grocery shopping this week. It always seems like I am running to the store for something but I am out of sandwich bags and all my necessities. Luckily Meijer is having their 10 for 10 and 11th item free this week so I can stock up on things like my english muffins, strawberries, organic carrots and green onions, tuna, kleenex, toilet paper, sandwich bags...etc all for a $1 each! And trust me...I will be stocking up!

I do have other things I need for my day to day like hummus, eggs, oatmeal, bread, Larabars, natural PB, etc but I think most of what I need is on sale.

Hopefully I can take advantage and save a bunch.

Thats it for today!!

Have a great Monday everyone!

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  1. Replies
    1. I am back to about 99% I would say... The other 1% is just due to losing some of the endurance I lost while sick. But I should be back in another couple days.

  2. I MISSED U! I hope everyone is feeling 100%

    I've read amazing things about wheatgrass and have been meaning to pick some up!