Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! and Other Stuff

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

And instead of EATING candy today I got you some EYE candy for you. Arent I special and thoughtful? Hmmmm.....

Ok... Eyes back here please.

So yesterday was a good day.

I stayed on track with my eating and just added some of my reverse universe soup to my meal plan before working out as Dinner. Then right before I worked out I had the clementine and string cheese. After working out last night I had a few pretzels and hummus. And when I say a few...I mean a few. It was the last ones in the bag. And I may or may not of had a few jellybeans...

Ahem...but anyways.

As far as exercise goes, yesterday morning after dropping Xavier off, I did another On Demand video called Dance Jam. It was a lot of fun. When we put all the moves together at top speed, it got my HR up. So that was good. And it was only 45 minutes. I burned 299 calories doing it. I probably could have burned more, but the slow parts where you are learning the current move bring the heart rate back down.

That afternoon when Landry was SUPPOSED to be napping I decided to work on my Zumba stuff. It was great. I could play the music on my phone and watch tv all at the same time. LOL. Talk about multitasking! And alas, I havent heard from the gym yet about starting to teach so I am going to start bugging them next week. In 54 minutes there, I burned 453 calories.

That evening after the boys were in bed I did some more Zumba. I knew today would be a big running day and so I decided to switch it up. Plus my legs were really sore from Tuesday. And for whatever reason I just cant get my ass on that elliptical. Ugh. Regardless, I ended up working out for 42 minutes and burned 321 calories.

So that was a total of 1073 calories burned yesterday. Not bad for no gym. See? It CAN be done!

And this morning I weighed 157.0. Another pound down. Only 3 til goal. 2.5 until my low. Whew.

Today will be interesting and once again BUSY!

This morning both boys have school. Both boys have Valentine's parties.
Landry needs juice for his school. Xavier needed strawberry cream cheese. So that is done and out and ready so I dont forget.

I had to do Valentine's with both boys this week by myself because Aaron was gone. A little sad about that one.

And I did get the boys each a little goodie bag of chocolate and candies that I will give them tonight before I leave for the gym (after dinner. I dont need to leave for the gym til 6). And I even made them heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes this morning that I will put some whipped cream on. :) boys to school.

My butt to the gym.

I am gonna run again at 6.5 mph and then once again kick it up at the end. Then I work with Eric. I need to be done with him BY 10am so I can fly back to Landry's school for his Valentine's party. It starts 45 minutes before the end of the day so 10:15. I will probably be a few minutes late but its ok.

Then I pick him up and take him to speech.

From speech its home to try to get some normal lunch in him and then try to get him to nap.

Aaron should be home early today. I am thinking 3-4 ish. His flight leaves Wisconsin this morning at 10:30 and he is out in BFE. The airport only has two terminals so he isnt too worried about fighting the usual crowd and security.

And no. I didnt get him anything for V.D. Not even a card. I think it is a waste. I just tell him how much I love him. He asked me what I wanted and I said nothing. I told him I would kill him if he bought me chocolate, and flowers die. If he wanted to get me something he could get me a box of clementine oranges. LOL. He said "oh thats romantic!". Well what is it about chocolate that is romantic?

So he will be home in time for me to hit the gym tonight for more running and RPM! Woo Hoo! Eric wont be teaching RPM yet so Nina will probably be subbing again.

Ok so here is my menu today. A little different because of going to the gym:

Breakfast: coffee and hard boiled egg right now, an Apple Pie Larabar while I take the boys to school.
Lunch: celery, scallions, hummus, roast beef
Snacks: apple with PB, hard boiled egg
Dinner: string cheese, roast beef

In MyFitnessPal I have the apple under dinner because I am out of clementines but I will probably eat it before hitting the gym to get the good boost of sugar I will need to get me thru.

On a personal note...

I am trying to think of a way that I can earn some money at home via fitness related things. One thing I am thinking about doing is Beachbody Coach. Anyone use Beachbody or would be interested in me being their coach? I like that there are no parties involved. It gets hard to schedule those with Aarons schedule, him traveling and my gym. And I like that it is me helping others to get fit. tI have used P90X. And I am going to get Turbo Jam to try. And I have used Shakeology (which I LOVED as a protein shake). Let me know ok?
My concern is that I dont want to rely on the family to buy stuff. This isnt their gig. So expanding that circle quickly is goal and key. But I really want to help others! So maybe this is what I need to do. It would be a good supplement to my beginning Zumba teaching as far as income goes.

Ok that is it for today. Please weigh in on the Beachbody thing. If you wouldnt want to try anything then let me know as well. If I do become a coach, I am not going to be blabbing about it all the time. That you can be assured of.

Have a great Valentine's Day everyone! And resist temptation for sweets!! Make sure you have your vision boards available incase you get tempted.

Tip of the Day: These are oldies but goodies. And I thought they were appropriate for today. In fact, I did the nail one last night!

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