Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Challenge recap and more

First I want to say sorry for not recapping how my interview went yesterday. We went to Aarons grandma's house and didnt get home til 5:30. Then it was kids haircuts, showers and get them to bed. Then Suuper Bowl!

But I did make an AWESOME vegan tortilla soup yesterday. It was low fat, low cal and even Mr. No Vegan (Aaron) enjoyed it. Let me know if you want the recipe and I will post it!!

Here is how the interview went.

Maggie and I got there and walked in together. The owner was there and knew who we were and showed us around. Said that he wanted us to start for a month on a trial basis on a Saturday to see how we did. He never asked to see a resume, or our licenses. We started to show him and he said "You came recommended by Tee so I dont need to see it". He doesnt like to micromanage his people so if we have a class, he expects one of us to be there. No problem. That is why Maggie and I want to co-teach so if one of us wants or needs a day off then the other can pick it up.

The gym is brand new and just opened in Oct. They only have 67 members so far and so they are going to do an advertising blitz in the spring with a grand opening in hopes to draw in more people.

We never had to show him any of our songs. But he did break out the Cross Fit tower for us. You can tell it is his baby. So he broke out the big fat ropes like you see on the Biggest Loser and had Maggie and I doing different things with them. LOL. Those are fricken hard! Then he had us using some resistance bands around our waist having us do push ups with them. Hey I am always game for a workout! And he said that if we work there then we can work out at the gym too. So while I will be staying at Power House, I will be working with those fricken ropes.

This is definitely more of a man's gym with more emphasis on weights than what you see with a girlie gym with more emphasis on cardio BUT I think if they can build up the gym it will be really good. It is a small gym as well and definitely more intimate. I did have my heart rate monitor going before we walked in because I thought we would be getting a bit of a workout doing some songs so I wasnt surprised to see that I only burned 131 calories. So now Maggie and I wait until we get the call from him saying to start.

Yesterday morning I was given the challenge of doing a Super Bowl Challenge that I posted above. It didnt look too hard and I thought it would make the game go by faster. I apologize for not getting a chance to post it on here but then again, once you see my totals, you may be very thankful! Aaron had a blast and I was having a good time until I started having to do bicycle crunches over and over....and blasted push ups. I was having Aaron help me to keep me honest because as you do some of the exercises you are missing the game and missing things you have to do. A couple of times I had to do three different things one right after the other because of the play. Lots of times it was 20 bicycle crunches for a first down and also 10 push ups for a 20 yd running play. Aaron also helped to keep a running tally of what I have done. Do you blame me? I wanted credit for the work. LOL. After the lights went out and came back on, I started really feeling tired. Aaron said I didnt have to continue but I really wanted to see the challenge thru. I was curious of how much I was going to have to do of everything. So I stuck it out and as soon as the game was done I went upstairs and collapsed into bed. I slept great last night. LOL.

So here is my Super Bowl Challenge recap from last night: 175 jumping jacks, 80 single leg hops (40 a side), 100 reverse crunches, 200 push ups, 740 bicycle crunches, 50 bridges, 40 walking lunges, 30 seconds jogging in place, 3 times of doing the chicken dance, 225 squats, 10 burpees, 30 seconds of high knees, 45 second wall sit, and 5 one minute planks.

I burned 629 calories (because of all the time between moves) and I feel like I have been hit with a Mack truck on my upper body today. Thank goodness tonight is lower body!!

I still managed to gain a half pound and am now up to 159.5. I should be able to get most of the weight off tonight. I am not quite sure why I gained this weekend. I know I was really thirsty on Saturday night and drank a ton of water. I really didnt eat anything salty that day but Sunday morning was when I went up to 159 lbs. The half pound gain from yesterday is probably a combo of sore muscles and some salt from chips and salsa I had for dinner.

Either way, this has to go. Time to sweat it out tonight. This week is my week. I want to get to goal this week.

Here is todays meal plan:
Breakfast- string cheese, coffee, english muffin and PB and a hard boiled egg
Lunch- clementine orange, celery, hummus and a bit of roast beef for protein
Dinner- clementine and sting cheese

Tonight will be running and lower body. I want to get 4 miles in and then really work the lower body hard. Then I will be walking to stretch everything back out.

Maggie and I will also be working together at a couple points this week to work on our routines to make sure we have an hours worth. Not sure what days yet.

So thats my weekend. How was your weekend? How was your Super Bowl?

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  1. Congratulations on getting the job! I hope it works out well and they get some people in your classes!

    My weekend was great and I ate WAY too much!

  2. Yay! Ms. Zumba instructor! How awesome. I had a rough weekend..Aunt's birthday on Saturday and Superbowl on Sunday..ate too much and was up 2.8 this morning, ouch. Will have to work hard this week!