Friday, February 22, 2013

Sickness Update

So this is just gonna be a quick update.

I took Xavier to the doctor yesterday. No puss in the throat so no point of doing a swab just to have him throw up. Good. So my intentions was for him to go back to school today.

Until he woke up from his nap and puked again.

I asked him if his stomach hurt. He said no.

I started laughing which pissed him off and he told me to quit laughing. I had to explain I wasnt laughing at him, I was laughing at the situation because I had no idea how to help him.

I think what happened is that he was laying flat in his bed and the phlegm got to him. I am the same way. BUT because he puked, I had to keep him home again today from school. Fine.

I am starting to feel better. I stayed at 157.0 for this morning. Last night I did a combo of night time cold and sinus drugs and a small glass of wine. I slept great. LOL.

My ears still feel a bit cloudy as well as my head. I took some ibuprofen this morning again. That has helped the past couple days.

Yesterday I did ok with food. Breakfast was hard boiled egg and english muffin with PB. Lunch was apple with PB, and some lunchmeat, Dinner was some left over cold nachos and then more homemade ice cream. This time I did half a banana, frozen avocado, cocoa powder, a serving of my Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Superfood powder, almonds, unsweetened coconut and almond milk. It was awesome. I think the superfood combined with wheat grass is helping me kick this quick.

Well that is the news for now. I am still gonna take it easy again today and not go to the gym tonight. It is killing me to not go but I know this cold or whatever it is would be a lot worse if I hadnt taken it easy.

I need to get better to get back at it on Sunday when I meet with Maggie to work on Zumba stuff.

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  1. Glad you're figuring out something to help you feel better! And my son is the same way with being sick, then coughing and puking!