Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Monday Updates and New Experiment

Morning y'all.

If you didnt notice, I posted a different entry a bit ago. Something that really bugs me about society today. If you didnt see it, check it out. Weigh in on the subject. I am interested in what you think about it.

Anyways I am starting a new experiment. Yesterday in my tip of the day, I think I posted about wheat grass. And if you didnt notice, wheat grass is supposed to tighten loose and sagging skin.

SO, yesterday I went to Plum Market and got some Wheat Grass powder from Amazing Grass. It is Organic Wheat Grass and grown in Kansas outside. Apparently inside grown grass isnt that good because it can mold. Who wants to drink moldy grass? Nasty! So I mixed a scoop of it with a half and half mix of orange pineapple juice and water. It is not bad at all. A little chalky but not undrinkable by any means.

Yesterday I did both my cardio kickboxing classes in the morning. Burned 612 calories.

Then in the evening I went to K's house and ran intervals. I started at 5.5 for one minute for warm up. Then I went to 10.0mph for 15 seconds and about flew off the back of the treadmill. ROFL. So then I bumped it back down to 5.0 for 45 seconds. Then up to 8.0mph for 15 seconds, back down to 5.0 for 45 seconds and repeated that for a total of 12 times. After that I started playing with the incline. By the end, I was walking 3.0 mph at 12% incline. In the middle, I was walking about 4.0-4.5mph with 8% incline. Not bad.

By the end of 56 minutes, I burned 539 calories and did 4 miles.

Total for the day of 1151.

Today I was SUPPOSED to work with Eric this morning BUT Xavier has other plans for me today. He is sick...well he says he is sick. Says his tummy hurts. He is the BIGGEST baby though and can work himself up to puking just from crying. And of course he puked so he has to stay home. UGH. He is going to be in for a VERY rude awakening when I dont let his butt of the couch all day.

Landry still has school so I will need Xavier to put his shoes on to take him to school and pick him up.

Tonight is Zumba practice then RPM. I am hoping to get some running in there somewhere now too. I will have to see what Eric wants to do. I HATE missing a session with him. UGH.

And because this morning is canceled, I plan on doing one cardio kickboxing and then maybe see if I can have P90X play upstairs and do the legs dvd. I am not sure. I plan on still working my legs though.

Oh and this morning I weighed in at 156.5. A half pound loss from yesterday but I am a bit sore today from the running so, a loss is a loss and I will take it.

Ok. I need to go and take care of a sick kid and get another one ready for school.
Talk to y'all later!

Tip of the Day: Another wheat grass post but I thought it was good for those of us trying to get our veggies and tighten loose skin!!


  1. Wheat grass powder? Maybe I could do that...

    1. It is a little pricey but I like it. My goal is to drink it twice a day. Once in the morning before anything else and then in the evening before I work out.