Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nothing Fancy

Ugh. Ok...this entry is not gonna be fancy today.

Straight and to the point.

Xavier is home from school AGAIN today. He is keeping food down but says his throat hurts so I want to take him to the doctor to make sure he doesnt have strep.

My friend Joy is in the hospital because she had a sore throat. Now it has gone to some super bug and pneumonia and she is in Critical Care ICU and is on dialysis. Seriously. This is getting insane this year.

And I am not feeling well. My head is cloudy and my ears slightly hurt. And I am exhausted.

Yesterday I ate fine all day til dinner. Aaron made nachos and I had some. The chips were really salty so I wasnt surprised to see I gained weight today. Up to 157.0. I dont really care. Honestly I am not hungry today anyways.

I never did the elliptical last night. I started feeling yucky yesterday and decided to rest. I wanted some ice cream for my throat last night and we didnt have any so I made my own. This is what I did....Frozen banana slices, frozen avocado (does the same thing with smoothness as the banana without all the extra sugar), big spoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder, a spoonful of natural peanut butter, a couple good dashes of cinnamon and almond milk. Blend til smooth. It was awesome. Well what I could taste of it anyways.

I made one for Aaron too. His was frozen bananas, the cocoa, cinnamon, huge spoonful of regular PB and peanut butter cups. He ate it all up.

And I dont know what I am going to eat today. I did have my wheat grass. And some coffee. But I am not hungry. Really I just want a nap. So I will probably have a hard boiled egg, a clementine, an apple and PB at some point today. We shall see.

I also canceled with Eric today. Between Xavier being home again and me not feeling well, I thought it was for the best.

Ok time to get Landry ready for school. Hopefully I can get Xavier in to the Dr office while he is at school.

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  1. I had a bad night too yesterday. I'm back on track today though. Can I add you as a friend on my fitness pal?

  2. Oh you poor thing...I hope you aren't getting sick. Take care and rest up okay?

  3. I hope you all feel better soon!! Best to pamper yourself with rest than push yourself into illness. Who will take care of everyone if you're not well? Waiting to hear better news today.