Monday, November 12, 2012

Raspberry Ketones

I just placed my order for Healthe Trim. I got a great deal with buy 2, get one free, free shipping AND 30 day money back guarantee. The guarantee is for everyone who places an order. I have had friends that it just didnt work for and they returned it and got their money back. The best thing though? Free coaching. If you find that it isnt working for you, you can call and talk to a coach for free. They can go over what you are eating, and give you some great tips to help you be successful.

The cool new thing that they have and I am trying is their Raspberry Ketone formula. It has all the same great things that the original had BUT it has raspberry ketones in it.

What is raspberry ketones?

Dr. Oz explains it:

I should be getting this in about 5 days. And I will definitely be reviewing it. I have some hesitations with the new one.

1. The original healthy trim worked SO well, of course I am nervous to switch

2. BUT would the original work as well as the first time? Or will I have built up an immunity type response?

So stay tuned. I will be using the same dosage as what I did before. 4 pills. 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon. They told me that I dont have to stay away from caffeine, but they dont want me to have caffeine overload. Before when I didnt cut out the caffeine, the pills didnt work. So to be on the safe side, I will cut it out this time as well. They did caution and say to MAKE SURE I cut out the artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners negate the appetite suppressant that is in these pills and so you are more than likely to binge. No problem. I dont drink soda much and I dont eat much processed foods.

I usually dont post twice in one day but I am just so excited about getting these that I had to share!!


  1. Sometimes you just need a little something to boost your confidence. I've been seeing a lot about green coffee extract, but I haven't looked into it.

    1. Dr Oz did a great experiment with the Coffee Extract. I have heard mixed reviews with it but want to stick with the Ketones for now.

  2. I'm definitely curious about the results of this! Good luck with everything :)

    1. Thanks! I have posted some more about my history with Healthe Trim for the curious.

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