Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Last night was Xaviers first Karate Class. I am hoping that he learns self discipline out of the class and it helps cut down on the teasing of his brother, the non-listening, the sassing, etc. Ya know- kid stuff. I also hope that it helps with his anger. I think since the tornado, he has had problems having an outlet for the confusion and feelings and it is manifesting itself as anger.

So far, it seems to be helping even with one class. This morning he got up, got dressed and then he went in and brushed his teeth without me asking him to. A good start I would say.

Then last night I got some Zumba in. Not as much as I would have liked but Aarons brother, grandma and mom were over to see Xavier in his first class. So I didnt start until after 8. That coupled with the fact that our water softener was having a meltdown and had gone into Error mode and was emitting a beep so we had to work on that, meant for an abbreviated time working out. Good news is that it looks like my husband is a genius and was able to correct the water softener issue. Hopefully it lasts.

I can tell my body is getting used to the Cardio Party CD because my heart rate isnt getting high with it like it used to. In one hour I only managed to burn 499 calories. Crazy for me to only burn that much.

Today I weighed in at 179.0. A half pound gain even though I stuck to my calorie count and diet yesterday. No worries though. Tonight is upper body with Eric and I plan on rocking it out. Plus I want to get in another 3-4 mile run before working out. So I am hoping tomorrow to be around 177 again. We shall see.

Well today looks like this is going to be short and sweet. That is all the news I have for now.

Stay tuned tomorrow for what Eric puts me thru tonight! LOL

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  1. My son has been in karate for 8 1/2 years now. He's still probably a year away from his 1st degree black belt. For him it was more about getting him out of the house and active. He's a homebody and we needed him to do some sort of extra-curricular activity. He's made some great friends there and it's like a big family. I always watch the kickboxing class and would love to participate, but I just can't afford another bill!

  2. I love that you enrolled your son in Karate! I hope he loves his lessons :)

    Great job with the workouts!