Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday Legs

Well last night at the gym was a GREAT night!!

I got in a 4 mile run then worked legs and core with Eric. Lots of squats were involved and had the inside muscles of my legs SCREAMING by the end. This is good because I have lots of loose skin on the inside of my legs from the big weight loss.

We also did a 3 minute circuit of three ab exercises. 30 seconds of mountain climbers, 30 seconds of plank, 30 seconds of abs. Repeat.

We also did a kettlebell exercise that I really liked. You swing the kettlebell up, catch it, then squat. Repeat with explosive movements. We also did squats using one of the balance ball/board things. Reminds me of the pogoballs we had as kids.

Yesterdays weigh in was 181.0. Todays weigh in was 178.5. I also burned 961 calories at the gym last night.

Tonight we are taking Xavier for his first Karate lesson. Afterwards once the kids are in bed I will be doing some zumba and trying to write some new routines to my first CD I got in the mail. I am very excited because I love the music from this CD.

Wednesday night is another workout night with Eric. I am sure my legs will be REALLY sore by then because they usually have a two day lag time with pain and they are sore already. I plan on getting in another 4 miles (at least 5k) before upper body.

Thursday I will run again and then I am not sure if I will be doing Pump or not. But I will be doing RPM for sure.

Friday night is running and Zumba. Then it is girls night if the girls are interested.

Saturday is my 5k Holiday Hustle in the evening. Before that I will be spending my time making cookies for Christmas gifts. Actually that is how I will probably be spending my entire weekend. Baking. Last year I made 17 types of cookies. Crazy huh? This year I am going to pare that back because I am making something else for people as well.

So that is my week ahead. Do you have anything going on? Have holiday parties started for you yet?

Tip of the Day: 
With December starting this weekend, I thought I would post this as an inspiration for you to follow with me!


  1. Great job with the numbers! I'm really enjoying the rowing machine at the gym! No holiday plans yet, thank God!

  2. You are on FIRE! I love how motivated you are and it's totally pumping me up.

    Have a wonderful week!