Friday, November 9, 2012

A New Chapter

Hi everyone. As you can tell from the lack of pictures that I normally have, I am still typing from a tablet.

But anyways...

 I am back on track. About Halloween time I developed a bad attitude and even though I was doing my Zumba religiously, I was not watching what I put into my body. Lots of snacking- especially in the evenings, junk food like chips, cookies, cider, pizza, and lots of alcohol. I had wine and punch leftover from the party and I was drinking that everynight. Oh and jello shots and pudding shots lol.


I have taken back contol. Last week my weight went all the way back up to 183 lbs! Now I am back on track and back down to 177.5.

Yesterday I went to the gym and ran 2 miles. And while I only ran at 5.0 mph, it still felt great. I dont remember the last time I ran. Then I hit the upper level for some floor space so I could practice Zumba.From there I went to Body Pump claass and about died. lol. I can tell it had been a while. Then I did RPM and I could tell it had been a while since I had that class too. BUT I did it all and burned 1475 calories in the process.

And the most exciting part? The next chapter? While I was at the gym I finished paying on my personal training package. Which means that come next Wed, I will be training with Eric and he promises to get me results. As of right now, I have 19 sessions with him. We will be meeting twice a week on Mon and Wed then Thurs I will do Pump but with light weight and RPM. Eric wnts my days with him to be the heavy weight days. Fridays will be my normal Zumba night. I am hoping this gives me the big boost I need.

As I said, I have 19 times so we will be able to work together until at least part way thru Jan. I will be sure to take before and after pictures.

I guess that is the news for now. No girl night tonight and tomorrow night is a cocktail party at K's house. I still need to figure out what to make for it.


  1. Is it sad that my mouth just watered reading that food paragraph?! haha glad you are back on track, can't wait to see how it goes with the trainer!

  2. Way to go! The training sounds so exciting! And I can't wait to hear more about it!! It's amazing how easy it is to get off track and how hard it is to get back on!

    I have made ZERO progress. We are leaving for Maui in 15 days so I guess I can do 30DS for next 14 at least. My body aches from all of the drama of the last few days so it will be good to get a workout in and get my sluggy body moving!

    I can't wait to see you next week! I ordered a zumba tape from Netflix to give it a try. Do you have one I could borrow? I'll get it from you after my trip though because I won't see you to give it back before I leave and I'd hate to hold it hostage without using it.