Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Healthe Trim part 2

So I wanted to give you all an update with the Healthe Trim.

I placed my order last Monday on 11/12 and I still have not received my order.

So today I called and honestly I was in a pissy mood because it has never taken me this long to get an order from them.

Apparently the new Raspberry Ketone blend is very popular and they are having problems keeping up with demand.

WELL let me tell you that this does not fly for me. I am a valued customer. I have done testimonials and interviews. AND THEIR salesperson called ME and swayed me to the Raspberry Ketone over the original blend. If they are running behind in production, why did he do that? Why did he tell me 5-7 days when they havent even sent it out yet?

SO...surprisingly they said they could send out my order today. This confused me slightly. Shouldnt my order already be processed then and on its way if they have product available to send out? Ugh. Ok...so I keep going with the poor customer service guy. I wanted my product overnighted. For cripes sake I have done a LOT for these guys. He was able to get me 2 day air but now I am not getting my product until Friday which is AFTER Thanksgiving and the reason I ordered it when I did. This made me even more mad. LOL. I finally got a free bottle of Cleanse out of them too but what I really wanted was another free bottle of Healthe Trim. I think that is only fair right? Maybe it is just me.

Either way, I went to their FB page and wrote them a long vent. Let them do with it what they will but they should not have their salespeople pushing a product that they cant keep up demand with...(wait did that just make sense?)

I have also let them know that I have bloggers waiting to hear a review. :)

I will let you know if I hear back from them. If not, I will press on with them. This will not be the last. All I ask is that they would have let me know when I originally placed the order that it was backordered. Then I wouldnt have been so pissed when it didnt show up day after day.

And as of right now I still stand by this product. I think the holiday times cause a higher demand which is fine but they need to let their customers know.

This is what I just received on the FB Healthe Trim page

"Hi Lee Ann, we are so sorry about the delay in your order. We were not expecting the overwhelming demand. I have just double checked and your order will be going out today and you will receive it tomorrow. We have sent it overnight. You are a great customer and we apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks"


  1. Now let's hope they didn't fib about that! I hope you do get it today- don't let it ruin your Thanksgiving, though!!

    1. Dont think they will fib about it. Only thing would be if they meant two day and not over night. Wont let it ruin my holiday. It would just be a nice buffer.