Thursday, November 15, 2012

Busy Day!

I dont know if I will get a chance to post until Sunday so I wanted to fill you in on what is going on.

First yesterday.

I gained a half pound. And actually happy about that. LOL.I ate great all day until the pampered chef show last night. I had red wine, some artichoke, garlic dip (a non cheese kind), some salsa and home made pita chips, some baked brie and apple dip, and then they broke out the heavy hitters. A peanut butter cup trifle. TO. DIE. FOR. And a red velvet molten lava cake which was demo'd. And I may or may not HAPPENED to have two small helpings of the trifle. And the host gave me a serving of the lava cake. SEE??? So to only gain a half pound is a good thing.

Onto today.

First I take Xavier to school. Come back to K's house and let the dogs out while she is gone until tomorrow. Then run Landry to school. Come back here. Laundry. Get Landry. Go to Speech Therapy. Come home. Make Lunch. Landry to bed. Get Xavier. Go to mall to pick up Xaviers tux. Come home. Change. Go to K's house to let out dog and feed her. Go to the gym to run, workout with Eric and do RPM. Yup. My day. Ugh.

And tomorrow...

Drop off Xavier. Come let out dogs. Go to hall and help set up. Come home. Do lunch for Landry. Get Landry to bed. HOPEFULLY work out. Shower. Pick up Xavier from school. Go to rehearsal. Rehearsal dinner. And hopefully to bed at a decent time for the boys. If I dont work out during the day, I will be at night.

And I didnt get a chance to do the wrap last night so I am hoping to do it tonight after I get home and shower.

And I am still waiting for the Healthe Trim. I thought that maybe it would be here before the weekend even though they said 5-7 days. Usually it gets here pretty fast. Maybe it will come today. That would be good.

So I am off. I think I may need some coffee to get me thru today!

Have a great day all!

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  1. Wow. All I plan on doing is getting to the doctor for this agonizing cold. I guess you should get your fill of coffee before the Healthe Trim arrives!