Friday, November 16, 2012

Checking in and First Training Session

Hi Everyone!

Well I made it thru my first training session with Eric.

Yesterday I started off by running 2.26 miles on the treadmill with paces anywhere from 4.0-5.5 mph.

Then I made sure to stretch my shoulder well before I started with Eric because we were going to test some limits on my shoulder.

We started off by doing an upright row then moved to a squat machine that uses plate weights.

Then we went back and forth between the two machines adding weight each time for a total of three turns per each machine.

Then we moved on. This time it was pull downs with a bar then we went to biceps. Alternate back and forth three times and adding weight each time.

Then we moved onto planks using a box with side rows using kettlebells. Followed by chin ups on a machine so I had some assistance. Back and forth three times. Whew.

Onward to abs.

We did reverse crunches on a bench where your lower half is on an incline and you bend down at the waist then come back up.

Then we did abs where I lift my legs up and down to form 90 degree angles....both of those back and forth three times.

Then we were done training for the evening.

Onward to RPM. It was the first time with doing this new release and boy am I glad that we didnt work the lower body last night. OMG. Words cant describe this workout.

I ended up burning 1408 calories the whole time at the gym. And this morning I lost 1 lb.

I also did a wrap last night but have not taken any more pictures from it to see if there is any improvement. I slept with it on all night long.

Today my shoulders, back and arms are sore. But not too sore. Definitely can tell I got a work out. And I LOVE that Eric pushes me. Says "I dont want to insult you by giving you too light of weight" LOL. I will definitely be continuing on with him when the gym has another special for a percentage off.

And I messaged him last night to say...

One thing I didnt tell you is that my goal is to be buff bordering on muscular. Not so much as weightlifter muscular like is that a man or a masculine girl but flat abs and awesome arms. LOL.

Onto today... Another full day.

Drop Xavier at school. Check on the dogs and let them out. Come home. Have breakfast. Get to the hall to set up for the wedding and I am not sure how long that will take. Come home. Have lunch. Landry down for nap. I STILL need to do laundry. Pick Xavier up from school. Take him for a haircut. Get home to get Aaron so we can go to rehearsal. Then rehearsal dinner. Wow. And I still need to work out somewhere in there. Maybe tonight.

Ok I am out of here. Probably wont be back until Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Have a wonderful weekend. Great job kicking butt in the gym!