Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sticking with it

Yesterday took a bit of a turn but I was very proud with how I did.

I had my morning smoothie- bananas, spinach and water. I left out the peanut butter because I really wanted the peanut butter in an apple with lunch.

While Landry was having lunch I went downstairs and did my 45 minute cardio party. And for once I didnt turn on my heart rate monitor and watch it so closely.

For lunch I had two scallions, 4 stalks of celery, a small piece of chicken breast and an apple with peanut butter inside.

Then Aaron messaged me and told me that his mom and grandma were coming over for dinner. I remembered after that that him mom said said that she was coming over on Monday but I had forgotten. So I was worrying what to take out for dinner. BUT no worries. His mom and grandma brought dinner. Hamburgers, hot dogs, lasagna, salad, fruit, bacon...the works. And I had salad. No burger, no hot dogs. I stayed strong. So I had a big salad, a bit of crumbled bacon for protein, light blue cheese dressing, some reduced fat wheat thins and some jalepeno cheese from a cheese tray that was brought also. Later that evening I had two small glasses of red wine and some trail mix with pumpkin seeds, m&m's, raisins, almonds and peanuts.

Today I weight -2.5 lbs less than yesterday. Good start!

This morning I have already dropped the kids at school. I had half of a Lara Bar for breakfast and after dropping Landry off, I flew to the gym to make Body Pump class. I just finished up there and got back to the house for a few minutes before needing to get Landry from school. On the way home I ate the other half of the Lara Bar.

Tonight we will have left overs for dinner. There is a ton of salad in there that is calling my name. I cant wait. I also want to get some Zumba in tonight. Pump is great for muscle tone but not really for getting the heart rate up and burning calories. I only burned 298 calories in class. SO I want to get some cardio in tonight.

That is the news for now. I cant wait to get my Healthe Trim and fill you all in on how it is working. ALSO I still have 2 It Works body wraps left over. I think I may do one tomorrow night so I am ready for the wedding on Saturday. We shall see.

Have a great day!!


  1. I love the combination for dinner- hamburgers, hot dogs and LASAGNA! LOL! Is that so picky eaters are covered?

    1. sad thing is that that doesnt include everything they brought over. Lots of it just ended up going in the freezer. One was grandmas rice casserole, another was the lasagna, and some beans and veggies...LOL. Really nice of them.