Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend recap

What a weekend!

Friday was INSANE!

Went to the hall at 10am and we set up for the reception until 7pm. Not kidding! Aaron did take the boys to rehearsal and I stayed behind to help finish setting up. Then I went to eat with Aarons parents.

Saturday was the wedding. We had to be there at 12:30 for picture with the wedding at 2:30 and I have to say I was a little pissed because they didnt have Xavier in a single picture before the wedding. So we sat for 2 hours trying to entertain kids in a church when we didnt have to.

The reception was at 5. I had a ton of salad, corn and some chicken for dinner. I had 3 ity bitty glasses of wine and I could definitely tell that I hadnt eaten much that day. Once dinner was done I was feeling better. I ended up having 4 rum and cokes the rest of the evening and some jello shots. Then my brother in law decided that we needed to pass out some vodka and cranberry shots. That did me in. I ended up making a fool of myself when I pulled out my chair to sit down and I sat down where the chair WAS.  My in laws took me home because Aaron had left earlier in the evening with the boys. I remember driving back and when we got to the house feeling sick, opening the car door and throwing up. After that I was in and out. Thank goodness I just made the biggest ass out of myself at home. LOL.

Sunday I literally slept ALL day. Aaron took the boys to the hall to undecorate everything. And while I was feeling fine, I was just exhausted. I got up in the morning and took a shower and had a couple chocolate chip cookies. Then I slept until evening. I got up about 7 and came downstairs and had some crackers and cheese ball that was left from the reception. Then I had a couple more chocolate chip cookies. That is all I had yesterday.

This morning I got up and weighed myself expecting to be heavier because of alcohol bloat. Surprisingly I weighed 180.5. A couple pound loss huh? Must have been I threw up everything I ate and drank Saturday then didnt eat Sunday.

Today Xavier has a half day. And I am working at conquering Mt. Laundry that has been piling up. Then tonight is training with Eric. Not sure how I will do there while I am still recovering. LOL. Pretty much back to normal but still taking it a bit easy on the food.

That is my day and my crazy weekend. Cant say I am too proud of myself Saturday but I still wasnt as bad as Aaron at his brothers wedding. But that is a story for a different day. 


  1. Oops! Did you at least have a good time and can you remember it? lol

    1. I did have a good time. Just cant remember getting home and from there on. Apparently I gave my husband some pay backs from when I had to clean up after him. LOL. Luckily mine went into waste baskets.