Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Back at it! Second training session

This is a great picture! And YES I have pictures again!

K is letting us buy her netbook from her. She isnt using it and wants to get rid of it. :) So I have an official computer again.

Anyways...what I love about this is that it is what I am doing  2 weightlifting sessions a week.

Last night I did my legs.

We did squats, lunges with weight, quads, glutes, good mornings, deadlifts...and bottom squats. They were a big killer.

First thing first... I dead lifted 115 lbs! So proud of myself!

Second, if you want a GREAT leg exercise... stand in a wide leg out position. (Think wide wu chi) and position a dumbbell between your legs on end. Think of turning it on its side to form an "I". Do four bottom squats and on the fourth one pick up the weight and stand up completely. Then return the weight back down and do that for 6-8 reps. On the last one, stay down in a squat and hold with no weight for 30 seconds. Oh how my legs shook! We did that two times and upped the weight on the last one.

Today I am down to 180.0. Only a half pound loss but we worked the muscles hard.

And before that I did get in a 2.3mile run on the treadmill.

Today I need to drop Xavier to school. Mt. Laundry has been conquered so my plan is to come home and work on some zumba. Get the calorie burn going. I STILL have not received my Healthe Trim and it is KILLING me. I need to go back in my blogs to see what day I ordered it because if it isnt here today I am going to call and complain. They said 5-7 days and I am pretty sure it has been that.

Xavier then needs to get picked up at 11:40 and from there I will get the kids lunch and then to bed. AHHH peace and quiet for a couple hours. Tonight we are taking Xavier to a karate place in town to meet the sensei there. Xavier needs some discipline and I think it will be good for him. We  will see how it goes.

Tomorrow I am  with Eric again. We will be doing chest, triceps and core. Uh oh. I know I will be hurting for the rest of the weekend from core. LOL. All good though.

AND...I DIDNT tell you!

Aaron and my sister surprised me with an early Christmas present. Friday I will be going to Saginaw to shop with my sister. Then Saturday my husband set up to get my tattoo that I have been wanting!! How sweet! For those of you who dont remember...

It will be about this size and similar to this. The artist is going to do some different textures and a bit different design. He wants to make it his own but I really want it as close to this as possible. But he has done my sisters work and it is lovely so I trust him.

So I probably wont be blogging much after Thursday.

And as far as Thursday goes, my plan is to have some turkey, some corn and that is about it. That will be the only things that are clean enough for me to eat. OHHH but I forgot. I will be making a Clean Apple Pie to take with me so you can be sure I will be having some of that. I will let you know how it turns out.

Ok that is the news for now. Stay tuned for pictures and updates! Tonight I may do my last wrap too. Honestly I am trying to see if they work and if I should order more. We shall see!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving and good luck with the tattoo! Let me know how badly it hurt, honestly!

    1. I will be sure to let you know honestly how the tattoo goes. I try to stay honest on here :)